Maps, Data and GIS

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Here are the presentation slides from Cathy Moulder’s session on Maps, Data and GIS: Overview and Referrals.

Congratulations Circulation Graduates!!

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Congratulations to the Mills Blended Services Circulation Graduates on passing your assessment!  All of you did an amazing job on your final assessment & worked hard in the small amount of time you had to learn the Circulation, Reserve and Interlibrary Loan rubric.

Kudos goes out to

  • Tamara Monster
  • Rhonda Moore
  • Ed Sernie
  • Lorna Turcotte

Thanks goes out to Lynn Schneider for her guidance and support.  Thanks also to Debbie Trebych and Kim Pickett for their assistance in the training.  Remember that the training does not end here, with Debbie’s support you’ll continue with your Circulation/Reserve/ILL training as you’ll continue to spend time on the desk in preparation for Blended Services at Mills.

Best of luck to all of you!  All of you did a fantastic job & you should be proud of yourselves!  It was a pleasure to teach such a wonderful group.


Final Assessment Schedule

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A few notes about the assessment:  it is divided into two parts.

  • Written Unit: Consisting of Multiple Choice, Matching & Short Answer: 45 minutes to complete
  • Circulation Simulation:  15 minutes/2 activities

The assessment is on Wednesday, July 7th & will begin at 9:15 am and will end at 12pm.  It will be held in the eWong Room.  Ann Pearce & Debbie Trebych will be conducting the Circulation Simulation.  We’ll begin with the written unit at 9:15 am until 10 am.  At this point we’ll break and begin the Circulation Simulation unit at 10:45 am.

Circulation Simulation Schedule

Lorna Turcotte:  10:45 am – 11:00 am

Ed Sernie: 11:05 am – 11:20 am

Rhonda Moore: 11:25 am – 11:40 am

Tamara Monster: 11:45 am – 12:00 pm

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!

Review Session & Trial Assessment

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Just a reminder that the session for  next Wed. June 23rd from 9:30 am – 11:00 am will be a review session.  Bring your questions & we will review any material from the past 3 classes.   We will be inviting the mentors to this session as well.  We will go over material which we feel will be important for the assessment.  Ann Pearce, Debbie Trebych, Kim Pickett, and Helen Creedon will be at this session to answer questions.  In the meantime, we’ve provided a practice trial assessment for you.   The Assessment will look similar to the trial assessment.  Details about the assessment will be made available shortly.  Good luck practicing & if you’ve done your homework you should be fine on July 7th.  As always we’re available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Session #20: ID Cards, Fine Payment, Other Services & Guest Accounts

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Believe it or not this is our final session before our review.  This session will cover Standard 3.  Just a reminder there will not be a session on Wed. June 16th.  This will give everyone a chance to catch up, get an extra session in with their mentors & prepare any questions for the review on Wed. June 23rd.  Your trainers for this session on Wed. June 9th will be Ann Pearce, Debbie Trebych & Kim Pickett.   See you at 9:30am in the eWong Room.


  • ID Cards
  • Fine Payment
  • Other Services (My Account/Book Renewal & Request Forms)
  • Guest Accounts

Session Materials

  • Presentation Slides
  • Homework Questions

Session #19: Blocks, FIPPA & Interlibrary Loan

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This Wednesday’s session will look at the different blocks which arise on a patron & book record, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Interlibrary Loans.  Your trainers for this session will be Ann Pearce, Debbie Trebych and Helen Creedon.  We will take some time in the beginning of the session to answer any questions you may have from Session 18.  Once again we’ll be in the Wong e-Classroom from 9:30 am – 11:00 am on Wed. June 2, 2010.


  • Patron Blocks & Item Status
  • Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act
  • Racer/Interlibrary Loan

Session Materials

Homework Questions

Session #18: Circulation

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The next phase of the Blended Services training is now upon us and will begin on Wednesday, May 26th. Your trainers are Ann Pearce (lead), Debbie Trebych, and Kim Pickett.  Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or comments about the training.  Thanks to Lynn Schneider for the valuable advice and support.


  • Expectations
  • Circulation
  • Reserve
  • Self Check Out
  • Systems Troubleshooting

Session Materials

  • Presentation Slides:

ο PDF Slides: BST 18: Circulation
ο Power Point Slides: BST 18: Circulation


Congratulations Graduates!

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Congratulations to yesterday’s graduates of the Mills Blended Services Training Program:

  • Laurie Crompton
  • Denise Johnston
  • Erin Joyce
  • Sandy Rosenthal
  • Debbie Trebych
  • Barb Zingel

Eight months of excellent work have paid off! Celebrate now, and later, watch this space and/or your email for news of debriefings, vendor visits, one-on-one test reviews with Nora in July, etc.

Congratulations and thanks also to the Unit 1, 2 and 3 trainers, all the mentors, to Rhonda for attending every session and catching people up on missed sessions, and to Karen and Anne for their contributions and support.

Catch-Up Training Schedule

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Sessions to be covered/Trainees

Unit 1: 3 x 2-hour sessions – Sylvia & Ed

  • Session 4: Intro to the Library Catalogue
  • Session 5: Intro to Finding Articles
  • Session 6: Reference Sources

Unit 2: 6 x 2-hour sessions – Sylvia, Mila & Ed

  • Session #8: Web
  • Session #9: Web II: Academic, Government and Evaluation
  • Session #10: Intro to Database Searching
  • Session #11: Controlled Vocabulary & Citation Searching
  • Session #12: Advanced Searching & Print Indexes
  • Session #13: Review

(18 hours total)


  • Nora
  • Andrew
  • Susan
  • Catherine
  • Krista

Preliminary Schedule

Week of April 26

  • Session 4: Intro to the Library Catalogue: Sylvia & Ed
    • Trainer: Nora Gaskin
    • Thursday April 29, 2-4 pm
    • Wong e-Classroom
  • Session 8: Web: Sylvia, Mila & Ed
    • Trainer: Andrew Colgoni

Week of May 3

  • Session 5: Intro to Finding Articles: Sylvia & Ed
    • Trainer: Susan Shepley
  • Session 9: Web II: Academic, Government and Evaluation: Sylvia, Mila & Ed
    • Trainer: Krista Godfrey

Week of May 10

  • Session 6: Reference Sources: Sylvia & Ed
    • Trainer: Susan Shepley

Week of May 17

  • Session 10: Intro to Database Searching: Sylvia, Mila, & Ed
    • Trainer: Andrew Colgoni

Week of May 24

  • Session 11: Controlled Vocabulary & Citation Searching: Sylvia, Mila & Ed
    • Trainer: Catherine Baird

Week of May 31

  • Session 12: Advanced Searching & Print Indexes: Sylvia, Mila, Debbie & Ed
    • Trainer: Nora Gaskin

Week of June 7

  • Session 13: Review: Sylvia, Mila & Ed
    • Trainer: Catherine Baird

Week of June 14, June 21 & June 28

  • prep for assessment
  • assessment

Assessment & Post-Assessment Details

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The assessment on Monday April 26th will consist of the following parts:

  • 9:00 – 9:30 am: Technology assessment; everyone together at the same time, working individually, each on their own laptop
  • 9:40 am – 12 pm — individual reference interview assessments, including laptop use, 20 minutes each
  • 12:00 – 1:00: Lunch Break
  • 1:00 – 1:45: Written test — everyone together at the same time, working individually, paper only, no laptops

Post Assessment Results

Karen, Anne and Nora will have individual meetings with people on Tuesday April 27 from 12:30-2 pm in the HR meeting room to go over the results.

Results of Poll re: Assessment Location and Laptops

  • Location:
    • Don’t care: 3
    • Connections: 1
    • Wong: 3

So Wong wins on location. We’ll put up flip chart paper on the windows for privacy.

  • Computers
    • Don’t care: 3
    • Loaner: 2
    • Macbook: 2

With the assessment in the Wong, a mix of laptops will be possible as long as the loaner laptops can connect wirelessly in the Wong. Derek, Karen and Rhonda will be testing the machines today to make sure they will work.

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