The ‘Connect’ initiative was originally created as a supplement to the International Students as Partners Institute. Connect blog posts and other activities were intended to support and extend the community of partnership scholars and practitioners. As the initiative has continued, it has grown into a worldwide community and is no longer as closely associated with the International Institute.

The initiative was designed by two student scholars from McMaster University, Christine Black & Rachel Guitman, who wanted to continue the spirit of community and the connections that are built at the International Students as Partners Institute each year. Many participants involved in the Institute noted the importance of building a network, as partnership can be a difficult endeavour and a sense of community can provide security and support.

This space continues from this initial design to provide a venue for people interested in partnership to come together, work on their own projects, and discuss partnership more broadly. This platform will continue to allow those interested to post about their work and reflect on their experiences. With the new blog, rebranding, and expanded resources in Fall 2019, there will be new ways to connect and innovate together. Whether through twitter debates, reflection posts, or webinars, please connect soon!

Managing Editors:

Cherie Woolmer & Adrianna Michell

Connect is run by staff at the MacPherson Institute for Leadership, Innovation, and Excellence in Teaching in Hamilton, Ontario.

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