Apps For Social Work

For Practitioners

Educational Apps

  • SAMHSA’s Suicide Safe App
    • helps providers build skills around suicide prevention, based on the SAFE-T model
  • the Savvy Social Worker
    • e-news format app that shares resources for social workers, especially around evidence-based practices
  • Cochrane Library
    • iPad app that allows users to access resources about health care decision making

Practice Apps

  • Autism Assessment
    • a self-assessment tool developed using DSM diagnostic criteria. This app was developed for caregivers as an educational resource, but could be useful for service users or practitioners
  • DSM-5
    • app version of the DSM-5 for portability and ease of consultation
  • What’s My M3
    • short, self-assessment tool for users to determine if they should seek support for a mental health issue
  • Psychiatry in Primary Care
    • developed at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto through the Bell Let’s Talk initiative
    • a suite of products designed to support family doctors and front line practitioners in rapid assessment and treatment options for mental illness
    • adapted from an older paper tool

For Service Users

Intervention Tools Designed for Adults: Clinical Focus
Note: These tools are largely designed as companions to traditional, in-person clinical sessions. They are not designed to replace in-person services.

  • DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach
    • helps those involved in DBT to engage with therapy outside of sessions, and build related skills
  •  PTSD Coach and PTSD Coach Canada
    • helps people manage PTSD symptoms
  • Mood Tools
    • an app designed to supplement treatment for depression
  • CPT Coach
    • supports those involved in Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD
  • Live OCD Free
    • an interactive app that guides supports users with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Stop Panic and Anixety Self-Help
    • a suite of resources and tools to help track and manage Panic Disorder and panic attacks
  • Depression CBT Self Help Guide
    • designed to support people with CBT specifically for depression
  • CBT-i Coach
    • a support for people using CBT strategies to cope with insomnia
  • Intellicare bundle of apps
    • an NIH-funded suite of apps that target causes of depression and anxiety
    • 13 apps in all
  • What’s Up
    • uses CBT and ACT methods to help users cope with a variety of mental health challenges, includes tracking features
    • gamification of grounding to help users manage stressful situations
  • MediSafe
    • medication management tool
  • Saying When
    • developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto
    • designed to support users seeking to stop or cut down on drinking alcohol

Intervention Tools Designed for Adults: General

Tracking Apps

  • WebMD Pain Coach
    • allows people to track data related to chronic pain
  • Kindara
    • designed for fertility tracking, but customizable for tracking lots of different kinds of data
    • note: this app is the one of the least gendered tracking apps of its kind
  • Clue
    • designed for cycle tracking, similar to Kindara in that it’s customizable for tracking lots of different kinds of data and is designed to be less gendered than many apps
  • Optimism
    • mood-tracking app that can be used to develop wellness plans for mental health
  • WorryWatch
    • anxiety journal, specifically targeting management of worries
  •  MoodKit
    • general mood tracking and improvement tool
  • Equanimity
    • meditation and meditation tracking app

Designed for Younger Users

  • Triangle of Life
    • designed for people aged 8 to 12, gamifies CBT strategies
  • Apps from Touch Autism
    • apps developed by a behaviour analyst to support people with autism, a wide range of apps that use social stories and audio visual tools to do things like calm down when anxious, or learn social skills
  • Positive Penguins
    • two modes: provides a guided meditation for children, gamifies resilience-building skills for positive thinking and anxiety reduction
  • Breathe, Think, Do
    • Sesame Street themed app that gamifies anxiety management
  • Sesame Street apps
    • Sesame Street has developed a wide range of apps to support young people and parents dealing with everything from the incarceration of a family member, a move or divorce, or teaching young people with autism life skills
  • MindShift
    • anxiety management app designed with teenaged users in mind
  • Live OCD Free (kids’ version)
    • an interactive app that guides supports users with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Choiceworks
    • a tool designed to support users in learning how to manage routines and schedules, understand feelings, and improve waiting skills

Accessibility Apps

  • TapTapSee
    • allows users to take a photo of an object, and the device will identify the object
    • intended to support visually impaired users in identifying objects
  • Google Translate
    • translate between 103 different languages, including two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages
  • P3 Mobile
    • Video Relay Service app that allows deaf or hard of hearing people to make and receive calls with ASL interpretation using wifi or cellular data
  • Roger Voice
    • captions voice phone calls in real time (similar to the US service CapTel)
  • Be My Eyes
    • connects blind users to sighted users using video chat for instant support using a wifi or cellular data connection
  • Avaz HelpTalkJabTalk
    • smart versions of a traditional communication board (AAC)
  • NotNav
    • GPS navigation app designed for blind people, by blind people

Relaxation/Anxiety-Reduction Apps

Note: These apps can be used by anyone, at any age.

  • Fluid Monkey
    • sensory stimulation app that allows users to relax by interacting with colours and textures via touch screen
  • Breathe to Relax
    • walks users through breathing exercises for stress management
  • Anxiety Reliever (AR)
    • also a tracking tool, this app provides audio sessions to help the user relax and fall asleep
  • Pacifica
    • based on CBT and meditation techniques, an app for stress management and relaxation
  • Headspace
    • meditation app
  • OMG. I Can Meditate!
    • mindfulness meditation app designed to improve sleep
  • BellBio Interactive Breathing
    • for advanced belly-breathing techniques
  • Relax Melodies
    • mix and match to create custom relaxation sounds to meditate or sleep to
  • iSleep Easy
    • guided meditations for before bed
  • Magic Window
    • a visual app designed to give the user’s brain a break from their day to day activities
  • Deep Sleep
    • guided meditations to overcome insomnia and improve sleep


  • KnowBullying
    • an app designed by SAMHSA to support parents in conversations with their children about bullying
  • Talk They Hear You
    • an app designed by SAMHSA to support parents in conversations with their children about underage drinking
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