Sealed Terrarium


The aim of this project is to learn something (anything) about sensory tech. The goal of this project is to build a self-sustaining, quantified, sealed terrarium. Something like this, but with more tech. Sensors would be sealed inside the terrarium environment. This project is being completed in collaboration with friends from the Hacklab Toronto.


  • first meeting with seven folks from Hacklab, we all decided to take on different themes for our terrariums. I decided to attempt to take on an ultra-modern terrarium design, using agar as a grow medium, and hopefully integrating plants and rocks that are reactive to UV light
  • decision was made to use Mason jars because of the ring and seal design of the lid, so that sensor tech could be mounted inside of the lid and power source could run from the exterior of the terrarium to the tech inside
  • jars purchased
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