Schedule of Events

‘SaPchat’ Twitter Discussions

Every Second Tuesday, Every Second Month 

  • February 13, 4 pm Eastern
  • March 13, 4 pm Eastern
  • June 12, 4:30 pm Eastern
  • August 14, 4 pm Eastern
  • October 9, 4 pm Eastern
  • December 10, 4 pm Eastern

Join us for our next discussion on October 9th at 4:00 pm Eastern time! 

Twitter Discussion Guide:

Using the @McMaster_MI_SaP twitter account, we will post either a discussion question or an article for people to read and consider, and then facilitate a Twitter chat in which participants can share and discuss their thoughts. Feel free to reply or start your own thread and mention the twitter account in your post. The @McMaster_MI_SaP account will retweet you and create a moments on twitter for archival purposes.

Some quick tips: use the hashtag #MI_SaP and mention @McMaster_MI_SaP to share your stories and experiences. This way we can retweet what you share!

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