Program 2016

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to apply for either the Workshop Program or the Change Institute. A program of talks and activities for all participants will take place during the lunch breaks each day.

Participants are also invited to bring a poster showcasing a relevant student-faculty/staff partnership project to display for the duration of the institute. For more information about posters, see the ‘Posters & Case Studies‘ page on this site.  

Two and Four Day Workshop Program

Faculty/staff and students are encouraged to apply in pairs wherever possible to participate in either one or two consecutive two-day workshops.

May 2-3

Two alternative workshops are offered:

  • Students as partners in teaching, learning and assessment – In this workshop we will explore how students may take on some of the traditional classroom roles of teachers by partnering with instructors and peers to teach, learn and assess together. This workshop will explore both the relevant research and also practical strategies from a range of disciplines that participants can adapt for their own use.
    Facilitators: Sophia Abbot, Peter Felten, Kelly Swaim
  • Students as partners in subject based research and inquiry – The focus of this workshop is on how students may become the producers of knowledge rather than the consumers of knowledge through undertaking, for example, undergraduate research, inquiry based learning, problem based learning, community based learning and case based learning. These experiences may be for selected students outside the curriculum or mainstreamed so that all students have the opportunity to experience them as part of the curriculum.
    Facilitators: Sam Dvorakova, Lauren Groenendijk, Kelly Matthews, Lucy Mercer-Mapstone

May 4-5

A further two workshops are offered:

  • Students as partners in curriculum design and pedagogic consultancy – Participants in this workshop will examine approaches for engaging students as partners in designing the curriculum and consulting on teaching and learning. These forms of deep partnership often result in the development of new learning materials, course or curricular revision, or the enhancement of teaching practices.
    Facilitators: Sophia Abbot, Peter Felten
  • Students as partners in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) – Traditionally faculty and staff research the experience of students in SoTL projects. Here we examine examples of students co-inquiring into the learning experiences of other students and how they can be involved actively in enhancing the quality of teaching, learning and assessment they receive.
    Facilitators: Sam Dvorakova, Lauren Groenendijk, Kelly Matthews, Lucy Mercer-Mapstone 

Three day Change Institute May 2-4

Alternatively teams of 4-6 faculty/staff and students (at least two of each) from an institution may apply to join a three day ‘Change Institute’, where they will be supported to plan the implementation of a Students as Partners initiative. Inter-institutional and international teams are also welcome. Approximately half the time will be spent with team members developing your initiative with the support of a mentor and the remainder will be spent in plenary with the other teams developing ideas and sharing experiences supported by a facilitator. Teams should come with a strategic initiative which has already been approved in principle within their institution(s), but should be at the early stages of developing and implementing the initiative.
Facilitators: Anita Acai, Mick Healey, Sabrina Kirby, Kris Knorr, Beth Marquis, Rafaella Shammas

To apply, please fill out the application form at:

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