Change Institute – Tuesday 3 May 2016

**Please note that the following agenda is a draft

Overall Aims:

  • To complete divergent thinking and introduce convergent thinking in relation to change initiatives
  • To enable the development of generative solutions to individual team challenges
  • To inculcate a number of key organisation development skills
  • To facilitate team working on initiatives
  • To enhance knowledge of students as partners

Slides: CI_Day2_1–GeneratingPrioritising

Time Session Location Session Lead Outcomes
09:00-10:05 Thinking Creatively about Change Atrium Mick Teams develop out-of-the-box answers that can strengthen their project and increase the chance of success.
10:05-10.25 Refreshments
10:25-11:25 Using a developmental evaluation framework Atrium Anita & Rafaella Teams make a start on their evaluation planning
11:25-12:00 Team working Atrium Team leaders/
Teams make progress with their project, and come up with a question they would like help with in Liquid Café to hand to Mick at lunch time.
Supporters visit teams as appropriate.
12:00-12:45 Lunch Meeting with team supporters
12.45-13.30 Plenary Atrium Arshad’s Team
13:30–14:30 Team working continued Atrium Team leaders/
Teams make progress with their project. Supporters visit teams as appropriate.
14.30-15.45 Liquid Cafe – on an issue of importance to the team and with generic interest.  Take refreshments during the event. Atrium Mick Teams get solutions to their difficult questions; networking; generic solutions SaP CI Liquid Cafe


15.45-16.00 Closing & Reflective prompts Atrium Beth Participants reflect on progress, understanding, plans for next days
18.00 Optional Reception

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