Change Institute – Wednesday 4 May 2016

**Please note that the following agenda is a draft

Overall Aims:

  • To complete divergent thinking and introduce convergent thinking in relation to change initiatives
  • To explore evaluation of projects
  • To prepare for return to institution, engaging others and disseminating practices
  • To facilitate team working on initiatives
  • To enhance knowledge of students as partners
  • To identify future actions
Time Session Location Session Lead Outcomes
9.00-9.45 Planning & Executing a Partnership Project Atrium Kris & Anita Teams acquire skills in using organisational development tools such as stakeholder analysis; scenario planning; dissemination planning etc.

Handout: Acai and Knorr – Project Partnerships Handout

Slides:Acai and Knorr – Project Partnerships

9.45-12:00 Team working, including supporters by invitation. Integrate with taking refreshments Atrium Team leaders/Supporters


Teams make progress with their project. Supporters/consultants visit teams as appropriate
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12.45-14.00 Liquid Cafe Atrium Mick and SI Team Using expertise in room to address key questions facing individuals and institutions developing students as partner initiatives
14.00- 15.00 Engaging others at your institution and making the project & partnerships sustainable Atrium Beth/Kris & Sabrina Plan how to engage others, disseminate project outcomes and embed the initiative
15:00- 16.30 Next steps; integrate with refreshments Atrium Team Leaders / supporters Teams develop their action plans further
16.30-17.00 Conclusion and evaluation (including reflective prompts) Atrium Mick and Beth Participants will reflect on their experience of the three day CI
17.00 Depart

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