HAN University of Applied Sciences 2016

Team Members: Marieke Coenen, Susan Koenders, Joletta Schoone, Roos van Bentum, Gillian van der Vliet, Clif Raaijmakers
Supporters: Anita Acai, Mick Healey

Students as Partners in Higher education is a common theme within the HAN for a while. More and more initiatives are being taken, but often on a small scale. For example, on January 30, 2015 there was the conference with Mick Healey. There were about 70 participants. A good attendance and it certainly helped to get Students as Partners more popular. However, it has not reached the general public. There should also be said that there’s a difference between the faculties. Some are already doing more than others. We’d love to see more student as partner activities all over the HAN and on a bigger scale. The whole idea of Students as Partners in Higher Education fits perfectly with our new strategic plan.

There is not a small and clear definition of students as partners, and that is where we find difficulties. Lots of students and staff do not understand how to implement partnership in (for example) the classroom. As with any change, you can also here find resistance.

We would like to look as a team how we could take the next step to implement Students as Partners within our faculties. What could possibly help? What is needed here? How can we facilitate this team? How can we reduce the resistance?

We hope that the aims of this participation will be that we have a concrete plan on how we could take the next step to implement students as partners within the HAN. We would love to start immediately when we return.

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