Subject-based Research & Inquiry Agenda 2016

Students as Partners in Subject Based Research and Inquiry
May 2-3, 2016

**Please note that the following agenda is a draft


Day1 Morning:

Day 1 Afternoon:


  1. Share experiences and ideas about subject-based research and inquiry (SBRI) in the context of students as partnership
  2. Discuss ways of thinking about, and the language of, research, inquiry and students as co-producers
  3. Explore practices of students as partners in SBRI, identifying outcomes and barriers
  4. Generate guiding principles for students as partners in SBRI
  5. Developing ways to talk about SBRI as partnership within institutional contexts to differing stakeholders

These aims will be achieved via an interactive workshop that:

  1. Draws on the experiences of attendees and international case studies
  2. Engages participants in small task-orientated, group activities
  3. Develops professional networks

Workshop Plan:

Day 1: Monday 2 May 2016
Time Session Session Lead Outcomes

10.30am: break

Module 1 Lucy + Lauren 1. Getting to know each other

2. Exploring motivations and experiences

3. Defining students as partners

12:00 – 12:45 Lunch
12.45-13.45 Plenary

3pm: break

Module 2


Kelly + Sam 1. Defining research and inquiry

2. Exploring case studies and practices

3. Exploring SBRI as partnership

4. Identifying barriers

4.45pm-5.00pm Closing & Reflective Prompts Participants reflect on progress & understanding
Day 2: Tuesday 3 May 2016

10.30am: break

Module 3 Sam + Kelly 1. Addressing barriers

2. Exploring ‘students as co-producers’

3. Creating good practice principles

12:00 – 12:45 Lunch
12.45-1.45 Plenary

3pm: break

Module 4 Lauren + Lucy 1. Exploring the language of SBRI as partnership

2. Articulating ways of talking about SBRI

3. Sharing ‘elevator pitches’ on partnership in SBRI

3.50pm-4.00pm Closing & Reflective Prompts Participants reflect on progress & understanding

These handouts are not ‘homework’– you do not have to read them prior to attending the workshop (although feel free if you are feeling enthusiastic!). We do ask that each participant brings along a copy of the handout to the workshop in whatever format they prefer (digital or hardcopy) as we will be using and referring to these handouts during the workshop activities.Handout-SBRI_Engaging students in research and inquiry

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