2A18 Abstracts

Aristone, Chelsea, and Eckert, Lucas-Habitat Preference and Resource Partitioning in Overwintering and Early-Spring Birds (Dr. Chad Harvey)

Au-Yeung, Christy, and Ahmed, Maisha-A comprehensive review and mathematical model of multisite phosphorylation of the Alzheimer’s-associated tau protein  (Dr. George Dragomir)

Barber, Gemma, and Tertigas, Dominique-The Development of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria through Exposure to Increasing Doses of Streptomycin and Doxycycline (Russ Ellis)

Dogar, Maha, and Dwivedi, Abhigyan-Overcoming antibiotic resistance strategies Pseudomonas aeruginosa with novel antibiotic discoveries (Dr. Rosa da Silva)

Froelich, Juliette, and Pirbay, Shama-Analyzing the Composition of Necromone Solutions Intended as Pest Deterrents  (Dr. Chad Harvey)

Hum, William, and Stokes, Alun-Novel Visualisations of Prime Numbers  (Dr. George Dragomir)

Hurtarte, Milena, and Tywonek, Kasia -Literature Review of CD19 specific CAR-T immunotherapy for B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Dr. Maikel Rheinstadter )

Kim, Kate, and Yang, Jasmine-Chemical Comparison of Ginseng and Advil to Analyze Similarities and Differences Between Natural Remedies and Western Medicine (Russ Ellis)

Mortazavi, Amir-The Evolutionary Significance of Sleeping and Dreaming  (Dr. Chad Harvey)

Paliwal, Ishita, and Wang, Peipei-Mathematical determination of the most influential protein-protein interactions for the treatment of Cerebral Sinus Venous Thrombosis (Dr. George Dragomir )

Pollinzi, Angela, and Tu, Megan-The Effect of Habitat on the Incidence of Agrilus Planipennis in the McMaster Forest  (Dr. Chad Harvey)

Reintjes, Caitlin, and Tugg, Yona-Considerations for Chemotherapy Treatment of Patients with Platinum-Resistant High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer (Dr. Rosa da Silva)

Schimmer, Pamela , and Sacka, Katarina-Mathematically Modelling Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversals  (Dr. George Dragomir)

Scott, Sarah-A web-based platform that increases accessible communication of drug discovery research for both the general public and scientific communities (Dr. Rosa da Silva)

Scott, Sarah, and Singh, Jalen-The Use of rAAV2 and Potential Future Application of CRISPR-CAS9 in the Treatment of Patients with Leber Congenital Amaurosis Type II (Dr. Rosa Da Silva)

Somani, Armaan-Mathematical View on the Shortcomings of the Standard Model of Particle Physics (Dr. George Dragomir)

Weiland, Lelia-Mapping Glacial Moraines in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru  (Dr. Carolyn Eyles)

Wilberforce, Maggie-Graphic Mathematical Modelling of Calcium Binding Dependent Vesicle Exocytosis in the Presynaptic Terminal of a Central Synapse (Dr. George Dragomir)