3A12 Abstracts

Brooks, Kate-Investigating the Bulk Composition and Interior Structure of Terrestrial Exoplanets (Dr. Ralph Pudritz)

Butt, Mehreen-Investigating the effectiveness of behavioural activation therapy on the quality of life of depressed individuals    (Dr. Zena Samaan)

Cappelletto, Nicole-Measuring the Vertical Profile of Electron Fields for Total Skin Electron Irradiation using Radiochromic Film (Dr. Martin Shim)

Chan, Michael-Applications of Phage Display for Staphylococcus Aureus  (Dr. Zeinab Hosseini-Doust)

Chen, Chen-Evaluating the quality of pilot RCT studies in pediatric urology with CONSORT  (2019)

D’Ercole, Joseph-Oxidative Stress in Fuchs’ Dystrophy: Changes in Metabolism, Transcriptional Activity, and the Extracellular Matrix (Dr. Michelle MacDonald)

Dittrich, Angela-Investigating the differential encoding of rhythm and meter in adults and six-month old infants (Dr. Laurel Trainor)

Eshafi, Sarah-Using Virtual Spatialized Auditory Displays to Restore Proprioceptive Function in Individuals with Prosthetic Limbs (Dr. Sue Becker)

Gandhi , Aanshi-Applications of Medical Imaging for Cardiovascular Modelling   (Dr. Zahra K. Motamed)

Ge, Yichang-The Use of Narrative Justice to Facilitate Moral Knowledge Acquisition of the Human Right to Clean Drinking Water (Dr. Nancy Doubleday)

Grewal, Sonya-The Effects of Stress on Eating Habits in the McMaster University Undergraduate Population (Dr. Niko Yiannakoulias)

Hosein, Hannah-Negative Regulators of Vulval Development in Caenorhabditis briggsae (Dr. Bhagwati Gupta)

Iyengar, Yajur-Analysis of environmental stress metrics on capsular polysaccharide concentration and melanin production in the Cryptococcus neoformans species complex (Dr. Jianping Xu)

Jivani, Sabrina-A Hydrogeological Investigation of the Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton (Dr. Carolyn Eyles)

Joshi, Dhvanil-A Lithological Analysis of Niagara Escarpment Erosion in Hamilton (Dr. Carolyn Eyles)

Kates, Meghan-Optimization of the PRESTO-Tango Reporter Assay for Determining the Effects of Antagonist SB on Receptor G (Dr. John Hassell)

Kowal, Sloane-Repeatability, reliability, and reproducibility of measuring human natural killer cells using flow cytometry: Preliminary results (Dr. Joyce Obeid)

Lalonde, Emily -A Vignette-Based Field Experiment to Assess Mining Site Managers’ Perception of Threat  (Dr. Brent McKnight)

Lindzon, Abby-Analyzing Methods for Releasing Secondary Dormancy Response in Eutrema salsugineum Seeds (Dr. Elizabeth Weretilnyk)

Luu, Taylor-Impacts of Forest Management on the Distribution of Mercury in Slimy Sculpin (Cottus cognatus) (Dr. Karen Kidd)

Mahetaji, Kaushar-Investigating the Consequences of the Jordan Framework for Unreasonable Time Delay in the Canadian Criminal Judicial System   (Dr. Greg Flynn )

Mar, Sara-Preliminary study of a novel nucleoid associated protein in Streptomyces venezuelae. (Dr. Marie Elliot)

Marchetti, Sam-The Effect of Necromones on Hippodamia convergens Foraging Behaviour  (Dr. Chad Harvey)

Mills, Sam-Analyzing the Landscape of Fear for Urban Meso-predators – Do North American Coyotes and European Red Foxes perceive the Urban Landscape as a food source or a threat? (Dr. Chad Harvey)

Montague, Coulter-Engineering pH-responsive Starch Nanoparticle Clusters with Programmable Size Change to Improve Local Drug Delivery to Tumour Cores (Dr. Todd Hoare)

Poole, Kristin-Historical Significance of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (Dr. Sarah Symons)

Porteous, Morgan-Episodic Future Thinking as an intervention Method for Binge Drinking in the Undergraduate Population (Dr. Sue Becker )

Rivera-Madrinan, Felipe-Bell’s inequalities and the future of quantum mechanics (Dr. Cliff Burgess)

Singh, Natasha-Geochemical characterization of chert at Stelida, Naxos (Cyclades, Greece) (Dr. Tristan Carter)

Speedie, Jess-Exploring molecular line intensity distributions in nearby galaxies with the ALMA archive (Dr. Christine Wilson)

Terpstra, Megan-Inhibitory Effect of Grapefruit Leads to Altered Drug Pharmacokinetics   (Dr. Michelle MacDonald )

Tomas, Emma-Music Performance Anxiety Survey Study   (Dr. Laurel Trainor)

Vamos, Lauren-The utility of traditional cultural art forms to communicate scientific advancements (Dr. Sarah Symons )

Wong, Lindsey-Adapting an ATD shaft for cadaveric foot connection in vehicle collision simulation (Dr. Cheryl Quenneville)

Xiang, Emily-Developmental Priors on Musical Rhythm by Iterated Reproduction (Dr. Laurel Trainor)

Yee, Ruby-Quantifying vulvar edema during radiation therapy (Dr. Kara Schnarr)

Zogheib, Ciara-Multivariate Evaluation of Projectile Point Data in the Museum of Ontario Archaeology Online Archive (Dr. Tristan Carter)