MacLean, Connor – Evaluating Science Communication Within the Faculty of Science (Dr. Maureen MacDonald)

An investigation of the effectiveness of the current science communication structure between undergraduate students and staff in the Faculty of Science at McMaster University was conducted. Science communication can consist of the promotion of academic resources, support services, volunteer opportunities, career opportunities, events within the faculty, research showcases, and more. This investigation resulted in proposed recommendations to refine the structure of the Faculty, allowing for more of a collaborative student focus. Students are presented with a wealth of information about careers, research, academics, and extracurricular activities on a variety of independent platforms, each implementing different methods of advertising this information to students, if at all. Faculty members have conceded that there is a lack of consideration regarding how students would like this information to be provided to them and to what extent. This study aims to research the cause of this issue of communication and identify methods by which it can be improved for all students and faculty members. Current strategies for science communication have been identified and evaluated from a student perspective. Qualitative and quantitative information was collected through student surveys and interviews with faculty members and administration. The goal is to understand science communication and outline necessary actions to improve it based off of gathered information.