4A12 Abstracts

Ahluwalia, Monish-A Surface Complexation Model of Selenium Sorption Through Illite and Montmorillonite in PHREEQC (Dr. Shinya Nagasaki)

AlShenaiber, Leena-Exploring the Feasibility of Reducing the Consumption of Food Additives in the Diet of Adults with Obesity (Dr. Natalia McInnes)

Balint, Liz-Understanding the Role of Bim in Macrophage Apoptosis and Atherosclerosis (Dr. Bernardo Trigatti)

Barker, Bronwyn-Combating Antimicrobial Resistance in Under-Resourced Hospital Settings (Dr. Jeffrey Pernica)

Bider, Pascale-Relating turtle health to fecal contamination of freshwater turtle habitat in Southern Ontario (Dr. Pat Chow-Fraser)

Chou, Sommer-Screening natural products against Caenorhabditis elegans to find novel anthelmintic compounds (Dr. Gerry Wright and Dr. Lesley MacNeil)

Coles, Victoria -Investigation and Synthesis of BAY 11-7082 and its Analogues as Novel Antimicrobials (Dr. Lori Burrows)

Conant, Amory-Calcite raft use as a proxy for coastal karst aquifer conditions and evolution (Dr. Ed Reinhardt)

Coppens, Jarod-Limits to Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency due to Free Carrier Absorption (Dr. Rafael Kleiman)

Craughwell, Meghan-Investigation into the genetic basis of melanin variation in Cryptococcus neoformans through backcrossing (Dr. Jianping Xu)

Daniel, Tanya-An investigation of bee communities in urban Hamilton  (Dr. Chad Harvey)

Doan, Alexi-Rumour Has It: Investigating the Intersection Between Contemporary Disease & Social Media (Dr. Chad Harvey)

Fraschetti, Ariana-Development of an MRI-Compatible Cyclic Loading Device for Articular Cartilage Property Assessment (Dr. Cheryl Quenneville)

Garnett, Jacqueline-A linear analysis of pliopithecoid dental morphology  (Dr. Chad T. Harvey)

Graham, Katie-The Characterization of Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in a Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type I Model (Dr. Ray Truant)

Greenblat, Leeor-Numerical and analytical exploration of the semi-discrete massive Thirring system (Dr. Dmitry Pelinovsky)

Houpt, Noah-Physiological and behavioural effects of simulated tide conditions on toadfish males (Dr. Sigal Balshine)

Johnstone, Graham-Structural and Magnetic Properties of Mott-Insulator Ca (Dr. Graeme Luke)

Kawamoto, Cory-Assessing the Physical and Genetic Responses of the Eutrema Salsugineum to Phosphate Starvation (Dr. Weretilnyk)

Kim, Noel-Self-concept trajectories in children with epilepsy (Dr. Gabriel Ronen)

Koniar, Helena-Mobility of Capicua in Live Fly Embryos  (Dr. Cecile Fradin)

Lefebvre, Michele-Reconsidering the metacognitive model of depression using an adaptationist perspective to rumination (Dr. Paul W. Andrews)

Liu, Aileen-The role of Pseudomonas aeruginosa accessory genes tfpY and tfpZ in bacteriophage defenses (Dr. Lori Burrows)

Surveillance of Cannabis Use in Urine by Multisegment Injection-Capillary Electrophoresis-Electrospray Ionization-Triple Quadrupole-Mass Spectrometry (MSI-CE-ESI-QQQ-MS)

MacLean, Connor-Evaluating Social Media Communications within the Faculty of Science (Dr. Maureen MacDonald)

Martin, Sonya-How does Bicoid find its target on DNA? (Dr. Cecile Fradin)

Nicole Zhang-Evolution of Interferon Regulatory Factor in bats indicates virus-host interaction (Dr. G. B Golding)

Norman, Bryce-Vortices in Bosonic Dark Matter (Dr. Cliff Burgess)

Pavic, Sarah-Assessing drug use among undergraduate students: Aligning campus services with student needs (Dr. Nikol Piskuric)

Saunders, Jacob-Direct Metal Laser Sintering Process Monitoring with a High-Speed Camera (Dr. Qiyin Fang)

Sharpe, Isobel-Measuring Sugar-Containing Beverage Intake Among Young Children: Comparing a Food Frequency Questionnaire with a 24-hour Dietary Recall for Food Administration for Parents (Dr. Laura Anderson)

Smith, Jeneva -The Neural Correlates of Effort-Based Decision-Making in Cannabis Use Disorder (Dr. Iris Balodis)

Sreerangan, Pooja-Comparing Movement Measures in Toddlers with Actical and ActiGraph Accelerometers (Dr. Joyce Obeid and Dr. Sara King-Dowling)

Swing, Megan-Sm-Nd Isotope Mapping of the Ottawa-Bonnechere Graben within the Grenville Province (Dr. Alan Dickin)

Takahashi, Monica-Epidemiology of visits to the emergency department across Ontario for diagnosis related to the eye and its adnexa (Dr. Kourosh Sabri)

Tam, Audrey-A Test of Olfactory Sex Discrimination in Big Brown Bats (Eptesicus fuscus) (Dr. Paul Faure)

Tweedle, Adam-Microclimatic Contrasts Between High- and Low-Density Monospecific Stands of Garlic Mustard in the Winter (Dr. Susan Dudley & Dr. Chad Harvey)

Vitali, Elias-Carrier Diffusion Imaging of a Thin Silicon Solar Cell (Dr. Rafael Kleiman)

Wynn, Gabriella -Developing a Synthetic Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmosis for the Advancement of Orthopaedic Research (Dr. Cheryl Quenneville)

Yachouh, Joshua-Professor Perspectives on Educational Development (John Maclachlan)

Yeung, Jonas -Electrochemical pH monitoring of a neuronal cell culture in a microfluidic device (Dr. Ravi Selvaganapathy )

Yu, Brian-Phosphate starvation in Eutrema salsugineum  (Dr. Elizabeth Weretilnyk)