Butt, Mehreen-Investigating the effectiveness of behavioural activation therapy on the quality of life of depressed individuals (Dr. Zena Samaan)

Investigating the effectiveness of behavioural activation therapy on the quality of life of depressed individuals   

Depression is a common disorder with a lifetime prevalence rate of 16%. Despite the multitude of treatments options available to patients,  many do not respond well to treatment. Behavioural Activation (BA) Therapy,  is focused on targeting avoidance and ruminative behaviours,  where patients are refocused on their goals,  values,  and directions of their lives rather than changing their core values like in cognitive therapy. This therapy has the potential to improve the symptoms and quality of life (QoL) of individuals with depression. Research conducted on BA therapy and its effects on the QoL of depression patients has not been extensively investigated in a group format; investigation into this is trivial for advancements in treatments for depressive disorders. The treatment was implemented over 28 weeks. QoL will be investigated through 3 surveys: Q-LES-QSF,  SF-12 patient questionnaire and WSAS. These surveys will be completed at the initial screening session,  session 10 and session 28. The data from the screening session will be compared to that of their final session of treatment,  to determine whether or not an overall change in QoL is seen through the treatment. We are expecting to find a significant increase in QoL standards through the treatment process. Through our findings we aim to provide evidence for the use of a more efficacious therapy for this chronic disease. We will also be providing scientific support with more focus on the QoL of affected individuals rather than a focus on just symptomatic relief.