Minutes – May 13, 2011


University Library Advisory Council

Friday, May 13, 2011 | 10:00-11:00

Library Community Room 304




Attending:       James Benn, Matt Dillion-Leitch, , Keith Kinder (Chair),  Peter Miu, Jeff Trzeciak, Greg Wohl; Wade Wyckoff


Regrets:          David Earn, Nibaldo Galleguillos, Aaron Schat, Claude Eilers


1.     Keith Kinder (Chair) asked that the minutes be accepted. All in favor, Greg Wohl seconded the motion.


2.     Dr. Benn requested confirmation regarding:

number of meetings to be held during the academic year, Dr. Kinder advised that the committee meets three times (3x) a year.

Terms of Reference to be posted

ULAC minutes to be posted after confidential items are edited


3.     Discussion of Libraries / Journals

§       Jeff met with a number departments on campus regarding Library changes

§       3 ways to save money were proposed at the budget meeting:

  • Reduce staffing through voluntary separation
  • Eliminate all Audio Visual upgrades
  • Flat acquisitions, which results in approximately $300,000 in cuts due to inflation
  • Note:  the University provided $300,000 in on-going budget for AV upgrades

§       Discussion around the issue of poorly scanned images and the need to have a mechanism for reporting such images


§       Acquisitions

  • seek out additional fund raising to assist in one-time purchases (Dean of Humanities secured nearly $1 million for resources in Humanities)
  • Library not receiving additional funding for new programs (Chair in Global Islam)
  • Work w/ Faculties to identify low usage materials for elimination

4.     Thode

§       Purchase necessary back-files (to free up space)

§       Implement scan on demand for Thode Storage

§       Thode: basement browsing will be accessed with escort, renovations began 2004

§       lack of space was identified as a result of increased use from 16,000 to 22,000 students at peak


Next meeting will take place in early November.

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