The new budget model and the library

The university is going through the process of considering a new budget model, and the Task Force charged with overseeing the most recent phase has reported. (A copy of the full report can be downloaded here.)

The library community will be especially interested in p. 28 of that report on the funding of the library:

    3.18 Libraries

    At McMaster University there are two distinct library systems in place. The main University libraries, and the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) library, have distinct budgets and administration.

    BMTF II determined that both the University libraries and the FHS library are accessible to all students. Studies from FHS have shown that non-FHS students use the FHS library often. Similarly there is use of

    all University libraries by students from FHS. Therefore, it was agreed that the best approach would be to combine the costs (or budgets) and allocate the total costs to all Faculties.

    Potential drivers

    • Faculty FTE, Total student FTE, and research revenue or expenditure (equally weighted)
    • A combination of faculty FTE, graduate student FTE, and UG student FTE
    • Total direct expenditure (operating and research)

    Recommended Driver

    Faculty FTE (exclude sessionals), Graduate student FTE, and UG student FTE


    The Task Force discussed usage of the libraries and agreed that they are used by faculty and students.Usage by staff, sessional faculty and others would be minimal. Thus a driver that included students (graduate and UG) and faculty is recommended as it reflected usage.

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