Journal publishing reform

Members of the McMaster community will already know about the growing costs facing the University library to support research. Part of the problem is related to academic publishers, who charge exorbitantly high prices for their journals and sell journals in large “bundles” that force libraries to buy journals that they may not need. Calls for […]

Library review

The University Library will be undergoing a review in order to assess the current state of the library and its background, and to provide advice for the future development of the Library. The Review Team will conduct the on-site component of its process on two days, Monday, March 26 and Tuesday, March 27, 2012, and […]

The new budget model and the library

The university is going through the process of considering a new budget model, and the Task Force charged with overseeing the most recent phase has reported. (A copy of the full report can be downloaded here.) The library community will be especially interested in p. 28 of that report on the funding of the library: 3.18 […]

Changes at ALUC

At the most recent ULAC meeting, Keith Kinder resigned as chair.  In the interim, Claude Eilers has stepped in as Acting Chair.  He will act in that capacity until the next meeting of ULAC, when a chair will be elected to serve for the rest of the year.