Welcome to the New 2.0 Toolbox

The blogs and wikis have been migrated from the old server. I’ve added redirects on the old server so that links pointing to your old blog/wiki URL will automatically be redirected to your blog/wiki on the new server.

The new blog URL format is https://macblog.mcmaster.ca/<yourblogname>.

The new wiki URL format is https://macwiki.mcmaster.ca/<yourwikiname>.

If you notice any problems with your blog/wiki on the new server, please e-mail libweb@mcmaster.ca.


Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the New 2.0 Toolbox

  1. Joseph Adamson

    Don’ know if this the right place to ask but I notice two of my blogs have disappeared. My teaching blog and my blog Affect Imagination Consciousness. Just wondering what the hell happened to them?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Joseph,

      Sorry for the late response. For some unknown reason I didn’t get the e-mail notification on your comment made December 14. Any blogs/wikis that were not updated since January 2013 were archived and not ported to the new system. The old server was decommissioned but a backup of the VM was made. I’ve restored the Affect Imagination Consciousness blog. If you notice any problems with the blog or need any other blog restored, send an e-mail to libweb@mcmaster.ca. Have a good day.


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