Investigating Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Authors: Alexandra Liu & Alexandra Marcaccio
Project Team: Beth Marquis, Elzbieta Grodek, Dale Askey, Devon Mordell, Paige Morgan, Grace Pollock, Andrea Zeffiro

Recent scholarship has emphasized the importance of the Digital Humanities (DH) in higher education, and the field is now a growing area of study and practice. However, much of the existing scholarship on the Digital Humanities has focused on DH research, with questions pertaining to DH pedagogy receiving less attention (Brier, 2012; Hirsch, 2012). As a result of this discrepancy within the published literature, this project seeks to examine and to understand the current perceptions of the roles of the Digital Humanities within teaching and learning at McMaster University.

The following pages present an overview of the Digital Humanities as used and understood by McMaster University faculty and instructors who participated in our study. It is our hope that this project will not only add to a growing body of literature on Digital Humanities pedagogy, but that it will also help to facilitate discussion about the Digital Humanities at McMaster University, and provide participants and other visitors to the website with a venue to share thoughts about the work and projects in which they are engaged. This online essay will potentially also help to stimulate further discussion about Digital Humanities teaching at McMaster.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to all of the project participants for sharing their time and perspectives!

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