Descriptive & Inferential Statistics


The Faculty of Science at McMaster University has developed this multi-part learning support to teach a range of foundational knowledge and applied analytic skills in Descriptive and Inferential Statistics. The modules may be used flexibly as learning objects – as stand-alone, or together to form the core concept component for an entire undergraduate course in statistics. To use the modules, link directly or contact us to obtain the Articulate Storyline package for insertion into a content or learning management system

Module development lead by core faculty from the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour in McMaster’s Faculty of Science (Dr Scott Watter, Dr Nikol Piskuric, Dr Karin Humphreys) and a team of stellar student scholars (Jessica Cali, Sarah Creighton, Kate Einarson, Irina Ghilic, Ali Hashemi, Fiona Manning, Esther Manoian, Marcus Morrisey & Amy Pachai)

1Intended Learning Outcomes slide

2Example of a video file embedded describing sampling through the use of a histogram

3The cars dataset as referenced above is a Google spreadsheet.