Monthly Archives: January 2015

Google Analytics by Yoast – 5.3 update

I’ve applied the Google Analytics by Yoast 5.3 update this morning and enabled the module again.  The update appears to have resolved the conflict problem with the theme customizer.  If you notice any problems with your blog, please report to libweb at

Thanks and have a great day!

Theme customizer working again

I was able to locate which module was conflicting with the theme customizer. I have disabled Google Analytics by Yoast until an update is available.  Although the module is supposed to be compatible with WordPress 4.1, it caused problems in our multi-site environment.

Thank you for your patience.

Have a great afternoon!

Problem customizing a theme’s appearance

It has been reported today that administrators are getting the “Cheatin’ Uh” message when trying to save customizations to a theme.  It appears one of the plugins installed is conflicting with WordPress  4.  I am looking into the problem and will keep everyone posted.