List of Figures

  1. Fictional Modes
  2. Thematic Modes
  3. The Phases of Symbolism
  4. Degrees of Allegorical Explicitness
  5. Degrees of Archetypal Convention
  6. General Structure of Anatomy of Criticism
  7. Structures of Archetypal Imagery
  8. Categories of Analogical Imagery
  9. Cyclical Imagery for Each Level of “Reality”
  10. Cyclical and Dialectical Pattern of the Four Mythoi
  11. Parallel Relations among the Phases of the Four Mythoi
  12. Phases of the Comic and Romantic Mythoi
  13. Phases of the Tragic and Ironic Mythoi
  14. Triadic Framework of Anatomy of Criticism
  15. The Generic Differentiae
  16. Influence of Prose and Associative Rhythm on Verse
  17. Influence of Verse and Prose on Associative Rhythm
  18. Influence of Verse and Associative Rhythm on Prose
  19. Levels of Style
  20. Specific Forms of Drama
  21. Specific Continuous Forms of Prose Fiction
  22. Thematic Conventions of the Lyric
  23. Thematic Conventions of Epos Forms
  24. Literature as Process

List of Abbreviations

ACAnatomy of Criticism: Four Essays (1957)
CLNorthrop Frye on Culture and Literature: A Collection of Review Essays (1978)
CPThe Critical Path: An Essay on the Social Context of Literary Criticism (1971)
EIThe Educated Imagination (1963)
FIFables of Identity: Studies in Poetic Mythology (1963)
FSFearful Symmetry: A Study of William Blake (1947)
MCThe Modern Century (1967)
NPA Natural Perspective: The Development of Shakespearean Comedy and Romance (1965)
REThe Return of Eden: Five Essays on Milton’s Epics (1965)
SeSThe Secular Scripture: A Study of the Structure of Romance (1976)
SERA Study of English Romanticism (1968)
SMSpiritus Mundi: Essays on Literature, Myth, and Society (1976)
SSThe Stubborn Structure: Essays on Criticism and Society (1970)
WTCThe Well-Tempered Critic (1963)