Invited Speakers 2012

Read more about the speakers who shared their work at our 2012 Conference

Dr. Miroslav Lovric

Miroslav Lovric is actively involved in promoting mathematical education among university students for which he was awarded the Adrien Pouliot Award for outstanding contribution to mathematics education. Canadian Mathematical Society President Jacques Hurtubise upon giving the award stated “Miroslav Lovric’s contributions to mathematics education are remarkable and he truly embodies the ideals of this award and of the CMS.” He is currently the co-leader of a worldwide mathematics program that aims at helping students make the transition from secondary to post-secondary education.  Formally, Miroslav is recognized as the Associate Professor of Mathematics at McMaster University where his research consists of differential and Riemannian geometry.  He has, and still, contributes to several aspects of teaching, from lecturing in the Faculty of Science to McMaster’s Arts and Science and Integrated Science programs.

Ian Burgess

Ian Burgess completed his undergraduate degree in Honours Co-operative Mathematical Physics at the University of Waterloo in 2008, with a Minor in Chemistry.  He is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His current research topic, under supervisors Marko Loncar and Joanna Aizenberg, is A colorimetric indicator for liquids, based on wetting in 3D photonic crystals Low-index-constrast (polymer/fluid) platforms for high Q/V optical resonators.  He has worked with Dr. Saravanamuttu, a faculty member of McMaster University’s Chemistry Department, in publishing a paper that investigated the “..spontaneous formation of 3D-optical and structural lattices..” Among his most notable awards are The Robert Bosch Stitfung GmBh Fellowship and two NSERC Postgraduate scholarships.

Dr. Ralph Pudritz

Ralph Pudritz is a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astonomy at McMaster University, where his research consists of star and planet formation. After obtaining his undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia in mathematics and physics, he went on to achieve a Masters in Science at the University of Toronto in theoretical physics. He  returned to the University of British Columbia to obtain a PhD in astrophysics under his supervisor, Dr. Greg Fahlman. His postdoctoral work involved an NSERC fellowship at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, England, followed by research in the Astronomy Department at Berkeley.  Ralph Pudritz is the founding director of the Origins Institute at McMaster University, which engages the interested community in interdisciplinary scientific research directed at understanding the origin of life and structure of the universe.

Dr. Nick Eyles

Nicholas Eyles is a professor in the Department of Geology at University of Toronto.  His research contributes to developing an understanding of stratigraphic data pertaining to  glacial deposition, approximately 2.8 Ga to present.  More specifically, he is interested in how plate tectonics in sedimentary basins interacts with climate and influences the glacial deposition. He has become recognized as an international expert on glacier geology and has published a best selling geology publication titled “Canada Rocks – 4 billion years of Geological History”. Nick Eyles worked with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in hosting a five part series titled Geologic Journey – World alongside David Suzuki. His efforts are to scientifically engage youth in learning about the earth and fostering an appreciation for the environment.  His current work deals with testing rock strata against the Snowball Earth Hypothesis, which claims that the earth froze some three to four times 750-590 Ga.