Welcome to Walk Across Canada 2023! This year’s challenge will be a competition between the cohorts – who can reach 1000 km of walking, running, biking, or swimming first? Each cohort will be starting at a different corner of Canada and will virtually move towards Hamilton as they log kilometres every day throughout the conference. The starting points are the Northwest for the first years, Northeast for the second years, Southwest for the third years, and Southeast for the fourth years.

Follow along each day of the conference as we update each cohort’s path towards their destination and highlight key checkpoints along the way, each with a unique story demonstrating how our country is evolving, as per this year’s theme! This week, whenever you complete an activity, which can be walking, running, biking or swimming, be sure to complete the MS Form to contribute towards your cohort’s success. The top cohort will be recognized at closing ceremonies, and top performing individuals overall, and by foot, will receive prizes. We are looking forward to the journey and hope to see everyone being active and evolving for Walk Across Canada!

Congratulations to 2A18’s for winning the cohort challenge!

Leaderboard (By Foot)
  1. Giancarlo Farruggia – 133.6 km
  2. Zoe Iczkovitz – 89 km
  3. Daniel Yassa – 82.2 km
Leaderboard (Total)
  1. Tom Gribilas – 266 km
  2. Zoe Iczkovitz – 198.9 km
  3. Aditya Mirsa – 138.25 km