For Walk Across Canada this year, each cohort will travel 1000 km (1500 km for the first years) to race towards the Canadian Space Agency. You can travel by walking, running, biking, or swimming and by logging those kilometres daily starting on April 2nd. There will be 5 checkpoints per cohort, including your starting location, where you will learn about interesting space-related facts from Canadian locations. We’ll be posting daily leaderboard updates on the Instagram stories and website as well as an updated map of each cohort’s distance along their paths.

This year we also have a special Walk Across Canada event on April 8th at 4pm! We will be running a hike through Cootes led by Dr. Jurek Kolasa that will count for an extra 20 km per person in attendance!

Follow along each day of the conference as we update each cohort’s path towards their destination and highlight key checkpoints along the way, each with a unique story demonstrating how our country is evolving, as per this year’s theme! This week, whenever you complete an activity, which can be walking, running, biking or swimming, be sure to complete the MS Form to contribute towards your cohort’s success. The top cohort will be recognized at closing ceremonies, and top performing individuals overall, and by type of activity, will receive prizes. We are looking forward to the journey and hope to see everyone being active and evolving for Walk Across Canada.

Leaderboard (By Foot)
  1. Emma E.
  2. Giancarlo F.
  3. Naya D.
  4. Zoe I.
  5. Justine M.
Leaderboard (Bike)
  1. Zoe I.
  2. Rakel E.
  3. Rachel S.
  4. Alec M.
  5. Michal H.
Leaderboard (Swim)
  1. Maya D.
  2. Sophia C.
  3. Naya D.
  4. Keira H.
  5. Ella W.
Leaderboard (Overall)
  1. Zoe I.
  2. Keira H.
  3. Sami B.
  4. Rakel E.
  5. Rachel S.