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Access 2008 Receipts

4 10 2008

Need a receipt for your conference registration? Email Meredith at mtutching AT accessola DOT com. Put “ACCESS Receipt” in the subject line and Meredith will send you the receipt electronically.

Access 2008 Delegate List

2 10 2008

Wondering who’s at Access 2008? Here’s a complete delegate list!

Arbuthnot, Sandy, Toronto Public Library
Askey, Dale, K-State Libraries
Atacan, Olcay, Law Society of Upper Canada, The Great Library
Back, Godmar, Virginia Tech
Bailey, Annette, Virginia Tech University Libraries
Baird, Catherine, McMaster University
Ball, Alison, NRC-CISTI
Barrera, Antonio, Princeton University
Bayley, Liz, McMaster University
Bayzat, Beverly, McMaster University
Bebbington, Tina, University of Victoria Libraries
Bede, Gilbert, Okanagan College Library
Bedford, Jill, McMaster University
Bell, Allan, University of Waterloo Library
Bell, Allison, McMaster University
Bell, Brian,
Belvadi, Melissa, Robertson Library/UPEI
Bengtson, Jonathan, University of Toronto
Berry, Ron, Grand Valley State University Libraries
Bickley, Lachlan, Edmonton Public Library
Binkley, Peter, University of Alberta Libraries
Bird, Sharon, Hamilton Public Library
Boncoglu, Kayhan, Pickering Public Library
Bouchard, Jasmine, University of Ottawa
Bower, Marc, Oshawa Public Libraries
Boyko, Dennis, Hagersville Secondary School
Brander, Lin, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Brenndorfer, Thomas, Guelph Public Library
Brin, Lise, Angus L. Macdonald Library, St Francis Xavier University
buckland, amy, McGill University
Bulger, Derrick, University of Ottawa
Bungay, Eric, University of Guelph
Cai, Heather, McGill University
Campbell, Susan, College Center for Library Automation
Carr, Chris, Hamilton Public Library
Carr, Christopher, Hamilton Public Library
Carter, David, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
Carvalho, Jeremy, CIGI
Caswell, Tasha, Faculty of Information
Chen, Janey, Legislative Library of Ontario
Chuppin, Anton, Nova Scotia Provincial Library
Ciccone, Michael, Hamilton Public Library
Clark, Sandra, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)
Cole Mabee, Janice, Ontario Legislative Library
Coleman, Gordon, BC Electronic Library Network
Colford, Scot, Boston Public Library
Collins, Natalie, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
Coombs, Karen, University of Houston
Copeland, Lynn, SFU
Craig, Sandra, Legislative Library of Ontario
Crawley, Devin, Ottawa Public Library
Daniels, Caroline, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Danylak, Taras, York University Library
Datema, Jay, New York Public Library
Dawson, Jan
Denton, William, York University Libraries
Diana, Birkin James, Brown University
Diette, Paul, Haldimand County Public Library
Dixon, Brad, Dixon Associates
Ducas, Ada, Health Sciences Libraries – University of Manitoba
Duimovich, George, NRCan Library
Dunn, Heather, Canadian Heritage Information Network
Durno, John, University of Victoria
Dyck, Ron, Toronto Public Library
Eastman, Robert, Mississauga Library System
Eichenlaub, Naomi, Ryerson University Library
Ellinger, Peter, Ontario Legislative Library
Etches-Johnson, Amanda, McMaster University
Fantin, Loren, Knowledge Ontario
Farnel, Sharon, Bibliographic and Information Technology Services
Farnel, Sharon, University of Alberta Library
Farrell, Gabriel, Drexel University
Favaro, Sharon, Seton Hall University
Fiander, David, University of Western Ontario
Fink, John, McMaster University
Fleming, Declan, University of California San Diego (UCSD)
Fletcher, Merideth, Library and Archives Canada
Foo, Jane, Seneca College
Foster, Karen, McMaster University
Found, Cyndie, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
Fournie, James, BC SITKA
Fox, David, University of Saskatchewan Library
Fox, Doug, Victoria University Library
Fox, Liz, Queen`s University Library
French, Peggy, Mohawk College Library
Friesner, Mark, Ryerson University
Furst, Veronika, Toronto Public Library
Gaskin, Nora, McMaster University Library
Gaston, Fournier, …cole de technologie supÈrieure
Gibson, Gary, Gibson Library Connections Inc.
Giguere, Luc, University of Montreal
Godfrey, Krista, McMaster University Library
Gough, Chris, collingwood public library
Green, Patricia, Conestoga College
Grover, Trina, Ryerson University Library
Guy, Sarah Marie, Mohawk College
Hamilton, Don, Wilfrid Laurier University
Hannaford, Valerie, Toronto Public Library
Harder, Geoffrey, University of Alberta
Hicks, Kathy, Mohawk College Library
Horne, Doug, University of Guelph
Horwath, Jenn, Library @ Mohawk College
Huot, Wendy, Queen`s University Library
Jadon, Vivek, McMaster University
James, Eric, YAle University
Jefferson, Elizabeth, BiblioCommons
Johnson, Grant, Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island
Johnston, Wayne, University of Guelph
Jones, Ellen, Waterloo Public Library
Jordan, Mark, Simon Fraser University Library
Joseph, Paul, Emily Carr University of Art and Design Library
Kaye, Barbara, CRA
Kechnie, Sandy, The University of Western Ontario
Kemp, Merrill, The Alberta Library
Kemp, Merrill, The Alberta Library
Kennedy, Patrick, BiblioCommons
Kessler, Heather, Toronto Public Library
Khoo, Eng-Seng, Edmonton Public Library
Kimberley, Aaron, Oshawa Public Libraries
Kingsley, Ilana, Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks, Rasmuson Library
Klein, Michael, Boston Public Library
Knight, Tim, Law Library, York University
Lam, Carolyn, Seneca College
Lawlor, Debbie, McMaster University
Layton, Warren, NRCan Library
Lewis, Vivian, McMaster
Lewis, Walter, Knowledge Ontario
Liu, Xiaoming, OCLC
Lonardo, Angela, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Ludwig, Mark, University Libraries, SUNY at Buffalo
MacDonald, Beckie, Oakville Public Library
MacDonald, Carol, University of Regina Library
MacLauchlan, Chris, Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island
MacLennan, Cheryl, x
MacLeod, Janet, Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School Library
Mandula, Marg, Hamilton Public Library
Manojlovich, Slavko, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Masciadrelli, Jennifer, CARLI
McArthur, Michael, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
McDonald, Barbara, McMaster University
McDonald, Rob, Carleton University
McGrath, Karen, Niagara College
Meikle, Sian, University of Toronto Libraries
Metcalfe, Randy,
Mill, Catherine, Toronto Public Library
Monster, Tamara, McMaster University Library
Moore, Dillon, The Centre for International Governance Innovation
Moore, Patricia, Carleton University
Moore, Rhonda, McMaster University
More, Katherine, Seneca College
Morgan, Eric Lease, University of Notre Dame
Morrison, Laurie, Brock University
Munoz, Eeva, University of Western Ontario
Nagy, Andrew, Villanova University
Nakumusana, Josephine, SysCorp International Ltd
Nayak, Harish, University of Rochester River Campus Libraries
Nelson, Kathleen, University of Victoria Libraries
Neugebauer, Tomasz, Concordia University Library
Nguyen, Tuan, York University
Nicholson, Karen, McMaster University
Noble, Denice, Hatch ltd.
O`Byrne, Simone, Information Resource Centre, Ministry of the Environment
O`Neill, Louise, McGill University Library
Oldham, Randy, McLaughlin Library University of Guelph
oluwatoyin, paul maleek, megahertz systems
Orduz, Anny, New Canadians Centre Peterborough
Orlov, Stanislav, Mount Saint Vincent University
Otto, Paul, McMaster University Library
Palmitesta, Eric, Robarts Library, University of Toronto
Perkovic, Ines, McMaster University
Peter, Karen, Hamilton Public Library
peters, kathleen, beausoleil first nation public library
Peters-Lise, Jennifer, Seneca College
Peterson, Brenda, UBC Library
Petter, Chris, University of Victoria Libraries
Philbrook, Ann, McMaster University
Pickett, Kim, McMaster University
Plessl, Anne, McMaster University Library
Porrett, Barbara, International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Posgate, Jessica, Knowledge Ontario
Pound, Paul, Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island
Qin, Dijia, Hamilton Public Library
Rainwater, Jean, Brown University Library
Ramirez, Renulfo, University of British Columbia Library
Rankin, Doris, Library and Informaion Management
Ribaric, Tim, Brock University Library
Richardson, Gail, Oakville Public Library
Riley-Huff, Debra, University of Mississippi Libraries
ripley, gord, trent university
Rivers-Moore, Agnes, Hanover Public Library
Roby, Jonathan, University of Manitoba Libraries
Rout, James, The Banff Centre
Rudnik, Aida, Hamilton public Library
Ruest, Nick, McMaster University
Ruth, Dan, Hamilton Public Library
Sabourin, Ghyslain, saskatchewan provincial library
Sadaqain, Ali, York University Libraries
Sayle, Matt, None
Scardellato, Kathy, OCUL
Schmalenberg, Mojgan, Caledon Public Library
Schneider, Karen, Equinox Software
Schuyler, Lisa, St. Francis Xavier University Library
Scott, Dan, Laurentian University
Segall, RisÎ, Library and Archives Canada
Senese, Susan, University of Toronto Mississauga
Sennema, Greg, Wilfrid Laurier University Library
Serviss, Lynn, Mohawk College
Sheaff, Ben, University of Victoria, McPherson Library
Shores, Sandra, University of Alberta
Shufelt, Craig, Fort McMurray Public Library
Sinclair, Geoff, Education Centre Library, Nipissing U. / Canadore College
Slimman, Katherine, OLC
Sloniowski, Lisa, York University Libraries
Soulliere, Robert, Mohawk College
Spilioe, Andy, OCLC Canada
Springall, Philip, CNIB
Steeves, Catherine, University of Guelph
Stegman, Ian, Toronto Public Library
Stinson, Wade, Burlington Public Library
St-Pierre, Paul, Tulane University
Strader, Nancy, Toronto Public Library
Stroop, Jon, Princeton University Library
Sun, Yue, Vaughan Public Libraries
Svarckopf, Jennifer, Department of Justice (Canada)
Takala, Paul, Hamilton Public Library
Tartaglione, Michael, Ex Libris Group
Tawatao, Christine, University of Washington Libraries
Taylor, Eric, Hamilton Public Library
Teeuwsen, Jo-Anne, Pelham Public Library
Tennant, Roy, OCLC
Thomas, Matthew, Queen`s University, Bracken Health Sciences Library
Thomson, Donna, McMaster University
Thomson, Elizabeth, McGill University Library
Thornton, Stephen, The Alberta Library
Toste, Gary, BiblioCommons
Toub, Steve, BiblioCommons
Valentin, Josh, Queen`s University
Vandenburg, Michael, Kingston Frontenac Public Library
Vanderjagt, Leah, University of Alberta
Varnum, Ken, University of Michigan
Verhagen, Peter, St. Albert Public Library
Vitez, Gordana, Niagara College
Volkanova, Victoria, BibliothËque Champlain
Walker, Jeff, University of Guelph Library
Walker, Steve, BCR
Waller, Susan, RCC Institute of Technology
Wang, Fangmin, Ryerson University
Waters, Samantha, Saskatoon Public Library
Webb, Lester, Kingston Frontenac Public Library
Westell, Mary, University of Calgary
Westerby, Jo-Anne, Mohawk College Library
Whiklo, Jared, University of Manitoba Libraries
Whitehead, Martha, Queen`s University
Williams, Patricia, OurOntario (Knowledge Ontario)
Williamson, Cynthia, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Wilson, Christina, The Alberta Library
Wilson, Sally, Ryerson University Library
Woldeyes, Getachew, Ottawa Public Library
Wueppelmann, William,
Wyckoff, Wade, McMaster University
Young, Bob,
Zhao, Wei, University of Toronto Libraries

Last Minute Reminders

29 09 2008

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Access 2008 later this week!  Here’s some useful information we wanted to pass on to you before you arrive:

  • Access 2008 is a single stream conference with all sessions being held in the Grand Ballroom on the second level of the Sheraton (except Hackfest, more info on that below).
  • We didn’t send out registration & conference info ahead of time — your badge, program (etc.) will be waiting for you at the Access 2008 registration desk when you get to the Sheraton.
  • The registration desk will be open from 7:30-9:30am and 4-7pm on Wednesday, October 1st and will be located in the lobby of the Sheraton.  Starting Thursday morning at 7am, the desk will be located on the second level near the Grand Ballroom and will remain open for the duration of the conference (Thursday & Friday: 7am-4pm; Saturday: 7am-1:30pm).
  • For those attending Hackfest on Wednesday, October 1st, we’d like to remind you that it starts at 8am and takes place at the central branch of Hamilton Public Library on the 5th floor.  Please ask for directions at the Access 2008 registration desk in the Sheraton lobby. The Central branch is located in the same building as the Sheraton and is a 1 minute walk from the hotel, so you won’t have far to go!
  • If you signed up for any of the social events, check your name badge for your event/drink ticket and be sure to bring that ticket with you to the event.
  • If you require a receipt for your conference registration, please email Meredith at Put “ACCESS Receipt” in the subject line and Meredith will send you the receipt electronically.

See you at Access!

Online registration closing this Friday!

22 09 2008

There are only a few spaces remaining for Access 2008!  Please register this week to ensure your space.

We’ll be closing registration this Friday, September 26th at 5pm, unless of course we hit our max earlier than that, in which case registration will close immediately.

Access 2008 Registration is now open!

28 07 2008

You’ve seen the program, you’ve checked out the social events. Now it’s time to register for the conference!

Registration is limited to 250 delegates, so run, don’t walk, to the registration page and reserve your seat at Access 2008!