Metadata Standards & Applications (Oct 4 – 5)

In an applied, exercise-based context, this two-day workshop introduces practicing cataloguers to metadata implementation considerations and processes in a digital library development context.  The goal of the course is to relate what attendees already know about library catalogue metadata to digital library metadata, thereby preparing them to apply their current knowledge to new areas. The course explores the following topics:

  • Introduction to digital libraries;
  • Metadata models;
  • Overview of metadata standards and applications;
  • Metadata interoperability and distribution;
  • Controlled vocabulary use in metadata;
  • Application profiles;
  • Quality considerations and monitoring metadata developments.

This course is designed for practicing cataloguers (with or without MLS degrees) from all types of libraries, managers in charge of digital projects, and digital project staff  with a working knowledge of MARC and concepts of bibliographic control, who want to describe digital objects

Course Details
Metadata Standards & Applications is course 2 in the LC/ALCTS Cataloging for the 21st Century Series and will be offered as a train-th-trainer session to develop a cadre of experienced trainers. More information on the course can be found here.

To be held October 4th and 5th, in the Wong e-classroom at McMaster University Library, as an Access 2008 post conference session.

Cost is $429.00. Click here to register online.

For additional information, contact Donna Thomson at thomson AT mcmaster DOT ca.

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7 replies on “Post-Conf”

Workshop times:
Saturday Oct 4 — 9:00 to 5:00
Sunday Oct 5 — 9:00 to 5:00ish

Wong e-classroom –Mills Library room 107

Lunch and Coffee/snacks for am and pm breaks will be supplied

Parking is $5.00 per day for the central campus

I signed up for the cataloguing post-conference workshop and the receipt says the dates are Oct 5-6 (Sunday & Monday) however the website says it’s on Oct 4-5 (Saturday & Sunday). Am I looking in the wrong place? Which dates are correct?

Merrill – yes you are correct.
The workshop overlaps with the final morning of Access. I apologize for this.
Saturday Oct4/Sunday Oct5 were the only dates the trainers were available.

How do we get from the Sheraton to the campus on Saturday morning? If by taxi, does anyone want to arrange to share one with me?

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