Social Events

Friday Night Pub Crawl

Here’s some info for those attending the pub crawl tonight:

  • We’re starting out at Koi, on the second floor. That’s where the food and free drinks are!
  • To get there from the Sheraton: turn right out of the hotel doors, walk down King Street to Hess Street South (about 10 minutes) and turn left. Koi is on the left.
  • Don’t forget to bring your ticket for your free drink!
  • Other pubs on tonight’s crawl: Blue Martini, Sizzle, Lazy Flamingo, and Gown & Gavel.

See you on the pub crawl!

Social Events

Guided Morning Run/Walk

Anyone interested in participating in an early morning run/walk should meet in the lobby of the Sheraton at 7am on Thursday morning.  A free map will be provided if you’d like to repeat the run/walk on your own later in the week.  The map will also be available at the registration desk.

Program Registration Social Events

Last Minute Reminders

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Access 2008 later this week!  Here’s some useful information we wanted to pass on to you before you arrive:

  • Access 2008 is a single stream conference with all sessions being held in the Grand Ballroom on the second level of the Sheraton (except Hackfest, more info on that below).
  • We didn’t send out registration & conference info ahead of time — your badge, program (etc.) will be waiting for you at the Access 2008 registration desk when you get to the Sheraton.
  • The registration desk will be open from 7:30-9:30am and 4-7pm on Wednesday, October 1st and will be located in the lobby of the Sheraton.  Starting Thursday morning at 7am, the desk will be located on the second level near the Grand Ballroom and will remain open for the duration of the conference (Thursday & Friday: 7am-4pm; Saturday: 7am-1:30pm).
  • For those attending Hackfest on Wednesday, October 1st, we’d like to remind you that it starts at 8am and takes place at the central branch of Hamilton Public Library on the 5th floor.  Please ask for directions at the Access 2008 registration desk in the Sheraton lobby. The Central branch is located in the same building as the Sheraton and is a 1 minute walk from the hotel, so you won’t have far to go!
  • If you signed up for any of the social events, check your name badge for your event/drink ticket and be sure to bring that ticket with you to the event.
  • If you require a receipt for your conference registration, please email Meredith at Put “ACCESS Receipt” in the subject line and Meredith will send you the receipt electronically.

See you at Access!

Social Events

Get social at Access 2008!

It’s party time! Check out the social events for Access 2008. If you haven’t registered for the “If Techies Could Fly” event yet, we hope you will — come & hang out with friends, eat & drink even if you’re not so much into historical planes and video games. Should be a fun night!