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Registration is now closed. See you at Access 2008!

Cancellation requests must be received in writing by FAX or e-mail three business days in advance of a program. Send your cancellation to 1-800-387-1181 or to education AT

Refunds are subject to a 15% administrative charge. Substitution of another member from the institution paying for the registration is welcome without penalty. Bank charges on NSF cheques will be billed to the person being registered.

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25 responses to “Registration”

3 07 2008
Tim Knight (14:38:23) :

Well, June has come and gone … 🙂

When’s registration start?

7 07 2008
Catherine (09:39:05) :

Did we say June? We meant July. Registration coming really soon, we promise!

25 08 2008
Fareed Nawaz (23:53:25) :

Is there a different registration pricing for the students?

26 08 2008
Matthew Thomas (10:08:25) :

When is registration closed?

27 08 2008
Steve (10:24:04) :

Is there a way to register for a social event after one has registered for the conference?

27 08 2008
amanda (13:09:32) :

@Fareed – unfortunately, we don’t have a different rate for students. However, we do have a travel grant for students (sponsored by ProQuest) that you should apply for! More info & a link to the online application is on the Travel Grants page.

27 08 2008
amanda (13:10:53) :

@Matthew – Registration closes when we hit 250 delegates. Can’t say for sure when that will be, but we’re just under halfway there, so you probably still have a bit of time.

27 08 2008
Haiyun (14:38:25) :

Can I only register for any individual day, rather than the whole conference?

27 08 2008
Talat Syeda (17:28:00) :

I want to join Canada’s premier library technology conference .When’s registration start and what rate of registrtion for OLA members.

28 08 2008
Marcia (08:38:05) :

Can you register for one day?

28 08 2008
pamela (11:06:42) :

Is it possible to register for just one day? Or to share a registration with someone else – for example one person attends Thursday and Friday and the other attends Saturday? thanks.

29 08 2008
amanda (08:49:58) :

@Steve – Absolutely! Send an email to Meredith Tutching at mtutching AT and she’ll take care of you.

29 08 2008
amanda (08:55:32) :

@Talat – registration is open! Click the link in the post above to get to the online registration page. We tried to keep the registration rate low for everyone, so there’s no special rate for OLA members.

4 09 2008
Catherine (15:42:08) :

Marcia, Pamela and Haiyun – Unfortunately, we aren’t accepting registration requests for just one day, nor can you share registration with another person.

4 09 2008
Jen (15:47:21) :

Not really a comment, but I wanted to be sure my registration went through, I didn’t receive an email confirmation.

11 09 2008
Yue (08:59:07) :

I have been signed up for the conference, but haven’t received the confirmation yet. Is a confirmation going to be sent to me?

12 09 2008
Dillon (13:46:32) :

Is registration closed? I haven’t been able to load the registration page.

15 09 2008
Catherine (08:16:29) :

Dillon – Registration is still open! Things seem to be working fine now, but there may have been a glitch when you were trying to register. Let us know if you continue to experience difficulties.

15 09 2008
amanda (10:38:06) :

@Jen , @Yue – yes, you’re both registered! I just checked with our registration folks and they did say that email confirmations had not gone out — apologies.

25 09 2008
Elizabeth (08:25:36) :

I registered on Sept 2 and didn’t receive an email confirmation. Will there be one sent out?

25 09 2008
Catherine (16:31:58) :

Elizabeth – you’re indeed registered. There was a glitch with some of the email confirmations which is why you didn’t get one. Apologies.

28 09 2008
Gord Ripley (06:58:02) :


I registered online in August and the Library Manager put the wheels in motion to have a cheque sent in payment. Since I didn’t receive an email confirmation either, I’m wondering whether I’m actually registered? Should I cancel my bus ticket??



29 09 2008
Catherine (11:12:45) :

Gord – you’re registered. Don’t cancel your bus ticket! We’ll see you there.

30 09 2008
Chris (11:49:35) :

Is registration closed? Will registration at the doors be possible?

30 09 2008
Catherine (13:34:41) :

Chris..Sorry, but registration is indeed closed and we won’t be accepting registration at the door.

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