Hosting WILU 2011


We are pleased to announce that WILU 2011 will be hosted by the University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST). The conference will take place in Regina, Saskatchewan from June 1-3, 2011. The conference theme will be “Learning under living skies – Apprendre sous les cieux vivants.”

WILU Steering Committee

The WILU Steering Committee will consist of the Chairs of the Steering Committees of the most recent past, current and upcoming WILU conferences. The Chair of the most recent past WILU will Chair the selection committee. In the case of co-chairs, they will choose between themselves who will chair the committee.

Procedures for Submitting a Proposal to Host

  • The University Librarian of the interested institution will apply in writing by September 30th (Extended to November 2nd, 2009) of the year two years before the year they wish to host.
  • The proposal will be addressed to the University Librarian of the institution that is hosting the conference the year that the proposal is submitted. [Or, the proposal will be addressed to the University Librarian of the institution that hosted the conference the year before the proposal is submitted.]
  • Proposals will be a maximum of one page in length.

Selection Criteria

  • Normally, WILU travels back and forth across Canada to ensure that participants from all regions have an opportunity to attend without long-distance travel; this pattern is flexible and all interested hosts will be considered.
  • Institutions interested in hosting must have the support of their University Librarian.
  • Applicants should demonstrate enough local interest to staff a conference committee.
  • Institutions should have suitable conference facilities.
  • Institutions must be able to offer all delegates accommodations, either on campus or in the vicinity of the conference facilities.
  • In the case of multiple applicants for the same year, preference may be given to institutions who have never hosted WILU or who have hosted it less recently than others.
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