Digital Media Workshop

Title Digital Media Workshop
Description The Digital Media Workshop as the module’s name implies, encourages learners to participate within a process of creating a multimodal (multimedia) learning artifact. Taking an à la carte approach, learners choose a digital medium or two in which to develop their skills, and then use an inquiry-based methodology to plot their own trajectory as they learn how to use a new software program. We will also discuss general principles around multimodal design and applications
Learning Outcomes By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • List the three major elements of a visual design
  • Create a digital media work as a learning tool for others
  • Demonstrate design principles in a work of digital media
  • Design Primer
  • Multimodal Maker Studio
Learning Resources Digital Media Design:


Teaching Resources Facilitator Guide (pending)
Other Supports Enrichment: 2D Animation:

Enrichment: 3D Animation:

Enrichment: Game Development:

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