New Tools for Learning

Title New Tools for Learning
Description  New Tools for Learning encourages learners take responsibility for the processes and artifacts of their learning. It begins by guiding the learner through a series of considerations when selecting and evaluating a learning tool. The module then introduces two strategies to manage the abundance of information available in the digital age: curating, as a means of organizing and making sense of a collection of resources, and archiving, as a means of preserving the artifacts of learning for later retrieval. This module will also invite learners to consider new tools and technologies for learning, as well as what factors to look for when selecting learning tools.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • select a tool to support their learning goals
  • evaluate a learning tool using the U-RICE criteria set
  • curate a collection of resources relevant to their learning goals
  • describe the challenges of preserving learning artifacts
  • explore new tools and technologies for their learning.
  • Evaluating learning tools
  • Curating your learning
  • Archiving the artifacts of learning
  • Trends & Tools in 21st Century Learning
  • Curation as a learning strategy (pending)
  • Curation as a teaching strategy (pending)
Learning Resources
Teaching Resources
  • Facilitator Guide (pending)
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