Learner as Digital Citizen

Title Learner as Digital Citizen
Description  Being a ‘good’ digital citizen essentially involves engaging with technology in an ethical, safe, socially aware, positive and responsible way – and the ‘bad’ side is just the opposite. This module will cover how we, as digital, connected learners, impact and are impacted by other people and ideas. This will expand into a broader dialogue about agency, responsibility and advocacy as a digitally literate learner.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize how the choices they make when communicating and sharing knowledge online can impact security, identity, systems and social norms
  • Consider how online civility and digital identity affect online interactions
  • Describe how technologies and digital practices can reinforce or deconstruct power and privilege.
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Privacy and Surveillance
  • Online Civility
  • Learning and Dataveillance
  • Lifelong Learning, Free Labour and the Digital Precariat
  • Digital Literacy’s Marginalized Groups
Learning Resources Digital Citizenship: The Good

Digital Citizenship: The Bad & the Ugly

Teaching Resources
  • Facilitator Guide (pending)
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