Networked Learning

Title Networked Learning
Description  Technology has provided us with additional opportunities for all of us to participate in flexible virtual exchanges with our peers. However, the establishment and maintenance of active and meaningful online collaborations, communities and projects is a challenging task. In this module we will look at the concept of connectivism, personal learning networks and digital learning communities and the benefits and pitfalls of online collaboration. We will also examine various methods in building your own personal learning network and ways to understand and facilitate group collaboration in the online environment within an educational setting.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • describe the social, affective and cognitive benefits of connectivism and collaborative learning
  • build a personal learning network
  • apply techniques to effectively co-construct knowledge among diverse and culturally unique group members
  • establish guiding principles on virtual collaboration
  • analyze characteristics of various collaborative technologies
  • Connectivism
  • Personal Learning Networks
  • Digital Learning Communities
  • Virtual Collaboration
Learning Resources Connectivism:

Personal Learning Networks:

Digital Communities for Learning

Virtual Collaboration

Teaching Resources
  • Facilitator Guide (pending)
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