Transforming Stories, Driving Change

When we began Transforming Stories, Driving Change as a pilot research project in 2014, we wanted to see what would happen if we invited community groups advocating for change to use performance-based storytelling activities to communicate their hopes and priorities for Hamilton, this City we shared. In fact, these questions became the basis of a story prompt that animates our workshops and public events: Imagine what Hamilton might be like ten years from now if it were to become a much better City. What do you imagine life would be like in that much better Hamilton for people with experiences like yours?

In the years since that first pilot project, TSDC productions have included performances about living in inhospitable and precarious housing (When My Home is Your Business), dealing with the narrow mandates and inflexibility of social services (All Of Us Together & We Need to Talk!), and working to overcome barriers and negative perceptions as homeless or street involved young people living in Hamilton (Choose Your Destination).

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