Who We Are

We are a collaborative of educators, artists, social service providers, researchers, social planners and community self-advocates in Hamilton, Ontario.

With Transforming Stories, Driving Change we use performance to understand the world, and to imagine ways it might be different. That means bringing members of our community together to create stories and make theatre about how Hamilton can become a better and more inviting place to live. We use performance to explore, and then show, how social exclusion affects particular communities in our city, and how these communities are responding.

In staging these stories, we hope to contribute to conversations happening all across the city about how Hamilton can become a place where everyone feels welcome and recognized. We believe that, together, the art we create can help to envision a better Hamilton for all.

We invite you to follow our blog to see posts from our researchers, our community partners, and our participants. We hope that this blog gets you thinking about the stories that animate the everyday hustle and bustle of our rapidly changing city.

But wait! Before you go… We don’t just want you to read what we have to say. We actually want you to be a part of the conversation! So we encourage you leave a comment about anything you see on this blog.

We hope that you feel free to share your thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

To learn more about the project, please visit our website.


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