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Frye Sculpture: Very, Very Close!


According to the latest Frye Festival Newsletter, the Frye sculpture proposal has jumped from fifth to third place.

The top two finishers receive a $25,000 prize.  That means the good people at the Frye Festival are very close to realizing this project.

Voting closes on Tuesday, August 31st.

You can vote daily for the sculpture here.

Latest Frye Festival Newsletter here.

Frye Newsletter: Vote for the Frye Sculpture!


The latest Frye Festival newsletter can be found here.

But here is what you urgently need to know:

The Frye Festival is currently 5th in the national competition presented by Pepsi Canada, a contest which could give the Festival $25,000 in order to create a bronze, life-sized sculpture of Moncton’s most famous son. The Festival must finish first or second to win the money.

The winner will be chosen only by the number of votes received. Until Tuesday, August 31, everyone is invited to vote daily at for “Feed your imagination” in Arts and Culture, under the $25,000 category. You have to be signed in before clicking “Vote for this idea” for your vote to count.

“We still have three weeks to be in first or second position and ensure that we can create a beautiful piece of public art that will inspire all citizens, young and old,” says Dawn Arnold, Chair of the Frye Festival. Arnold indicates that the project is already creating waves since the Festival is in fifth place among 50 proposals in the $25,000 category. “We know we can win this with everyone’s help! Vote every day-every vote counts!” encourages Dawn.

The contest is being presented by Pepsi Canada, who will distribute $1,000,000 over one year. If the Festival wins, the statue of Northrop Frye, who grew up in Moncton, will be placed in front of the Moncton Public Library.