The Robert D. Denham Library

Please note that both the Robert D. Denham Library and our journal are currently being converted to PDF format, a project we hope to complete soon.

In the meantime, all articles posted here can be converted by you into downloaded PDF documents. See that “Make a PDF” link above? You’ll find that same link just below the title of all the documents posted here. (Here’s an example.) Hit that link and you’ll get a printable version of the article; you can then hit the PDF icon at the top of the page, and you’ll be presented with a downloadable, paginated and searchable PDF version of the text. Save it, and it’s yours to work with.

Some of the documents here are already posted in PDF, such as the archive for the Frye Newsletter immediately below, as well as the collection of reviews of various Frye works.


Northrop Frye Newsletter (Each issue in PDF format)

Books Posted Online

Previously Unpublished Material

Reviews of Northrop Frye’s Books

Reviews of Books and Journal issues on Northrop Frye

Robert Denham’s Introductions to Editions of the Collected Works

Study Guides & Summaries

Papers and Lectures About Frye

Audio, Video and Various Images of Frye

Norrie Stories

The Complete Bob Denham Doggerel on Frye

Miscelleneous Compilations

Student Essays About or Involving Frye

  • Coming Soon
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One thought on “The Robert D. Denham Library

  1. Jean Remple

    I, too, am a former student of the great Frye (graduated 1970, Vic), now living for the summer months at least in northern Norway, and during the winter months in Paris, France. I’m a former CBC producer, Canadian, married to a Norwegian woman.

    Something made me chuckle in the second volume of the Norrie-Helen corresponance, an understandable gaff for someone who has not really lived in Paris, and frequented Montparnasse. Please send me your email address, and I will explain. A wonderful website (noted from a Fulford clipping from 14 July 1990); I am sure that I will enjoy reading it.

    Yrs, JEAN


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