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This Week in Climate Change Denial: Heat Wave Edition, Part 1


Highly trained climate scientists like Rush Limbaugh and Sen. James Inhofe (Republican, of course), despite all evidence to the contrary, claim we are in a nine year period of climate cooling. The truth about that lie here.  The fact is that 2010 is on pace to be the hottest year on record.

Check out RealClimate (“Climate science from climate scientists”) here.  Yesterday’s post takes on the denier/charlatan Lord Christopher Monckton.  A previous video post featuring His Lordship here.  Wilde’s quote is worth citing again.

This Week in Climate Change Denial


Real Time with Bill Maher: Ignorance as both social and environmental blight

Frye in a 1978 interview conducted shortly after his installation as Chancellor of Victoria University.  The interviewer asks him:

You talked in your Installation Address of the importance of the study of the social use of science [WE, 520].  How do you feel that might be better explored?

Frye responds:

I was thinking there of things like the ecology movement, the sense of the growing energy crisis, the preservation of the environment, the preservation of buildings in the city, and so forth.  These all add up to a very widespread social concern with the environment.  The old notion that Canada is a land of unlimited natural resources, and that all we have to do is keep mining the coal and cutting down the trees, is a very sinister and a very dangerous philosophy now–but it’s not reflected in our curriculum.  Presumably we have people in Forestry trained in the importance of the conservation of forests, but society’s use of science and technology is really an aspect of humanistic study.  I think that will become a part of our curriculum in the very near future.  It would be best taught  in the college structure because it’s a humanistic thing more than a matter of laboratories.  (CW 24, 437)