Now Iran?


Some powerful raw footage of a protest getting under way at Sharif University, Tehran, just a few hours ago.

There are reports from the BBC of demonstrations all over Tehran, including Tehran University, Imam Hossein Square and Azadi Square.  Chant heard: “Death to the dictator, death to Khamenei.”

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2 thoughts on “Now Iran?

  1. John Ayre

    I was utterly stunned when Khamenei and Amadinejad recently claimed the Egyptian revolution as close to their 1979 revolution. Were they so deluded or cynical they didn’t realize that they were now the Iranian Mubaraks?

    I hope that all these uprisings work out. There is a good precedent for success. The Latin America of the ugly caudillos was in time swept out and now places like Brazil and Argentina and Chile are secure prosperous democracies.

  2. David Keith Johnson

    The Egyptian Revolution was carried out under the silent guns of the Egyptian Army. We would like to believe this is because the leadership of that army had been persuaded by the arguments of the protesters they tolerated, and whose agenda they have promised to carry out.

    Is such a thing possible in Iran? We can hope so, even if we doubt it.


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