This image of the rotation of Pluto is generated from images captured by the Hubble Telescope

Pluto was discovered on this date in 1930.

From Denham’s Northrop Frye Unbuttoned:

I’ve noticed a curious form of e.s.p in me: whenever I dream of writing something in fiction somebody else who really does write get the idea instead.  This has happened to me so often that it was no surprise to me after thinking about a historical novel situated in Trebizond, to find that Rose Macaulay had the same idea.  (In my childhood I dreamed of becoming a great astronomer & discovering a new planet beyond Neptune that I was going to call Pluto.)  (84)

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One thought on “Pluto

  1. Bob Denham

    What makes this really uncanny is that Frye’s childhood dream occurred some years before Pluto was discovered. Frye would have been 18 when Pluto was discovered–clearly no longer a child.


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