Daily Archives: March 11, 2011

TGIF: “They’re not even a real country anyway”


Our reference yesterday to Canada being the world’s laughing stock for our annoyingly dull niceness invites at least a couple of examples, which the Americans in particular always seem glad to produce; although Scarberia-born Mike Myers provides a sweetly self-deprecatory characterization that perhaps describes us best, observing that we’re the country that loves its silver medals: “Yay, second place!”

Above is the Oscar-nominated “Blame Canada,” from the South Park movie.  This being South Park, the issue here is Canadian liberalism, which distresses the aggressively conservative side of the American mindset (just listen to any Republican member of Congress angrily grind out lies about Canadian health care). For me the funniest thing about the ongoing satire involving Canada on South Park is that the Canadian antagonists, Terence and Phillip, speak with English accents. The point seems to be that American ignorance about Canada is so profound that even the stereotyping is wrong.

A couple of gratuitous jabs from Family Guy after the jump.

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