The Atlantic: “Too Much Violence and Pepper Spray at OWS”

The Atlantic has an article, with video, on police violence at various Occupy demonstrations. Batons, pepper spray, and now tasers are being freely deployed against peaceful protesters exercising their constitutional rights to protest and assembly. As Jon Stewart noted the other night, pepper spray is now just what we use to deal with annoyances.

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One thought on “The Atlantic: “Too Much Violence and Pepper Spray at OWS”

  1. Veronica Abbass

    CBC News “Occupy Toronto Protesters Must Leave Park”

    While this sentence from the article may indicate that I am quote mining, “In submissions to the court, city officials have also pointed to damage to park grounds caused by the encampment and the need to prepare the park for winter,” it is obvious that preparing the park for winter is more important than the protester’s concerns.


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