icon_news_32After three full days online, it looks as though our minor technical difficulties have been resolved — all our links now reliably function as they should. Click them with confidence.

We are getting a steady stream of emails from people with proposals for papers for the upcoming journal, Myth and Metaphor. Keep them coming.  Please also remember that we are looking for guest bloggers to post here at The Educated Imagination. We encourage anyone who feels they might have something to contribute — a nagging idea that won’t go away, an outstanding issue that hasn’t been resolved, a crazy insight that haunts your sleep — to drop us a line as soon as you can.  We want to post your work-in-progress here.

In other news, we are pleased to announce that Bob Denham has kindly agreed to allow us to provide his Northrop Frye Newsletter a permanent digital home at Myth and Metaphor.  We will, of course, link it here too once it is online.

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