Out-of-the-Way Christmas Videos


“Jingle Bells” from India

Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Daily Dish, is running an ongoing series of “Depressing Christmas Songs” — which, interestingly enough, has strong Canadian representation, thanks to Joni Mitchell, Stan Rogers, and Sarah McLachlan.

In keeping with Russell Perkin’s newly published article in the Journal (see the live link at the upper right corner of our Menu column), here are some truly out-of-the-way Christmas songs that are appropriate to the winter solstice, which is today.

Joni Mitchell, “River”


Stan Rogers, “First Christmas”


Sarah McLachlan, “Wintersong”


Finally, a postmodern Christmas classic, which, when I first heard about it, I refused to believe actually exists: Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing “The Little Drummer Boy.” Irony returns to myth. . .


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