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Starting today, we’re trawling the Web daily for anything Frye related.

Here’s a find: Graham Good has posted an essay under the title “Northrop Frye and Liberal Humanism” (PDF file).  I haven’t read it right through, although I did chuckle to see that Sir Frank Kermode makes his predictable contribution dismissing Frye in the second paragraph.

Good is also the author of Humanism Betrayed: Theology, Culture and Ideology in the Contemporary University published by McGill-Queen’s University Press.  The overview of the book reads in part:

In Humanism Betrayed Graham Good offers a defence of liberal humanism against the illiberal trends, political and intellectual, that dominate today’s university. He uses the McEwen Report episode at the University of British Columbia to illustrate the current political climate in universities, showing how due process was neglected in favour of ideological inquisition.

His chapter on Frye can be seen here, beginning on page 89.

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One thought on “Frye Alert

  1. Joseph Adamson

    The essay actually starts on page 75, I believe–so it’s more like sixteen pages long, and I assume it is, or a version of, the chapter in Graham Good’s book “Humanism Betrayed.” I remember that he gave a version of the paper at a Frye conference or panel some years ago.


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