ChatRoulette [Reposted]


ChatRoulette is the latest big thing on the Intertubes — it is to this online fashion season what Twitter was to the last one.  The ingenious little video above has only been up on YouTube for a week but already has almost 4 million views because it very sweetly captures the playful possibilities of encountering random strangers via your web cam.

You can try ChatRoulette for yourself here.

Developments on the Web are moving so quickly these days that we’ll try to update you regularly on sites of interest.  And please let us know if you’ve come across something you’d like to share.

Reposted: It is in the nature of the Internet that some things are transient: the original video has been taken down for “violation of use”.  Whatever.  But it has been reposted on another account — and we’ve linked to it.

Also, the wonderful Ben Folds did a tribute to the video the other night at a concert in North Carolina.  You can watch it after the jump.


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