Nella Cotrupi: “Crucified Woman Reborn” News

crucified woman

Rita Leistner, a graduate of the University of Toronto Centre for Comparative Literature and one of Canada’s leading photojournalists, will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming “Crucified Woman Reborn” conference taking place at Emmanuel College on May 14 and 15.  Her subject is the “The Photojournalism of Women.”

Asked in a recent interview what it takes to make a good photo, she referred to a Martin Parr image of Walmart employees saying, “it wouldn’t be a picture without the composition, without the harshness of the flash, the tone in the sky that allows these figures to pop off this bland background.”

Rita, who has worked embedded in combat zones in Iraq, has also reported on such subjects as American women wrestlers, female patients at Baghdad’s al Rashad Psychiatric Hospital and crack addicts in Vancouver’s downtown east side.  Join us at the conference to hear more!

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