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Video of the Day: Fox News as “Terrorist Command Center,” Cont’d


The corporate love that dare not speak its name.

Saudi Prince is second largest share-holder in Fox News parent company, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp; Saudi Prince and co-owner of Fox News is accused by Fox News of being a terrorist sympathizer and secret funder of the Ground Zero “Terror Mosque”; Saudi Prince and co-owner of Fox News is alluded to as terror-sympathizing secret funder of Ground Zero “Terror Mosque” without actually being identified by Fox News either by name or as co-owner of Fox News.

Oceania is at war with Eurasia; Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia . . .

Video here.

Yeehaw! Still More Craziness from Texas Republicans in the House of Representatives


Gohmert’s Pile: Rep. Louie Gohmert (R – Texas) on the floor of the House of Representatives explaining the danger of “terror babies.”  That’s right. Muslim. Terror. Babies.

A month ago it was Rep. Joe Burton (R – Texas) apologizing to BP CEO Tony Hayward for the alleged “shakedown” his company received from the White House.  Or – more accurately – a negotiated fund to be held in trust to compensate those who have lost their livelihood by way of a massive oil leak from a BP deep drilling site that has destroyed the Gulf fishing industry.  Corporations, after all, according to people like Barton, are not to be held accountable for their behavior.  That’s only for suckers who actually pay taxes at a rate commensurate with income but can expect either non-existent or inadequate social services in return.  Nausea-inducing video here.

A couple of weeks ago it was Rep. Kevin Brady (R – Texas) declaring that the 9/11 heroes who ran into burning buildings and then dug through the toxic rubble at ground zero looking for survivors, did so to save lives, not to raise the taxes required to fund their subsequent chronic illnesses. You’re an asshole!” explained Jon Stewart. Video here.

This past week it’s been “terror babies,” offered in a kind of Dadaist display of extra crunchy nuttiness by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R – Texas).  That term, once again, ladies and gentlemen, is terror babies.  Here’s how it (cough) “works”: Muslim women “drop and leave” an “anchor baby” (still more made up terminology provided by Republicans and then hysterically disseminated by Fox News) who qualifies as an American citizen so that he can grow up to become a suicide bomber 15 or 20 years hence. No, you do not misunderstand.  That’s really what he means.

After the jump, a much more plausible source of domestic terror.

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“The Massacre of Jews at Strasbourg” in 1349 by Edward Beyer

Today is the anniversary of two vicious acts of anti-semitism in a long and horrific history of such acts.

In 1349 six thousand Jews in Mainz were massacred after being blamed for the Black Death.

In  1391 Jews were massacred in Palma de Mallorca.

Frye in The Great Code:

Anti-Semitism is a long-standing corruption of Christianity, and one of the more rationalized pretexts for it is the notion that the legalism condemned in the New Testament is to be identified with Judaism.  But this is a very dubious interpretation of even the most polemical parts of the New Testament, and is not found at all in the teaching of Jesus.  Jesus always attacks a quite specific elite or pseudo-elite of priests, scribes, lawyers, Pharisess, Sadduces, and other “blind guides” (Matthew 23:24), but not the precepts of the religion he was brought up in himself.  What Jesus condemned in Pharisaism is as common in Christianity as in any other religion.  The attack on legalism is in quite a different context: it means accepting the standards of society, and society will always sooner or later line up with Pilate against the prophet. (133)