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H. G. Wells


Orson Welles in conversation with H. G. Wells

On this day in 1946 H. G. Wells (born 1866) died.

Frye in “Varieties of Literary Utopias”:

The implication seems clear that the ideal state to More, as to Plato, is not a future  ideal but a hypothetical one, an informing power and not a goal of action.  For More, as for Plato, Utopia is the kind of model of justice and common sense, which, once established in the mind, clarifies its standards and values.  It does not lead to a desire to abolish sixteenth-century Europe and replace it with Utopia, but it enables one to see Europe, and to work within it, more clearly.  As H. G. Wells says of his Utopia, it is a good discipline to enter it occasionally.  (CW 27, 202)