Northrop Frye as David Gilmour!

Courtesy of Bob Denham, this is the inside back cover of the Chinese translation of The Secular Scripture.  While it’s wonderful that Frye’s masterpiece on Romance is now available in Chinese, that is not, of course, Frye pictured above.  It is Canadian writer and critic David Gilmour.

I hope Gilmour gets to see this.  It’s about as flattering a case of mistaken identity as anyone could hope for.

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3 thoughts on “Northrop Frye as David Gilmour!

  1. John Ayre

    David has a website and I think is still teaching at Victoria College so it should be easy to get it to him.

    You have to admit it is a reasonable mistake: both have a similar head with high foreheads, healthy mop of hair and wire-rim glasses.


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